How To Delete Your Old Tweets So Your Enemies Can’t Find:

How To Delete Your Old Tweets So Your Enemies Can't Find

There is a sensible reason to delete your tweets. Progressively, previous tweets are employed as ammunition to induce their owners to dismiss or ruin their name by people. It’s incredibly simple for trolls to modify last tweets and use them against their enemies thanks to the platform’s character: Once tweets are sent; they exist out of context.

Once trying back at someone’s timeline from years agone, there is no way of telling what jokes trending were, what the national mood was like, what everybody was fake incensed. Twitter could be a reaction to stimulation. Once that stimulation is gone, though, the tweets linger, sort of a too-loud tease a joke nobody else detected.

To cleanse your home of spiritual impurities, one would possibly intercommunicate smudging. The ritual involves burning a bundle of sage to chase away negative energy whereas promoting harmony and well-being. For those mistreated Twitter, that negative energy and malicious intent would possibly reside in their timeline and replies. Given enough time, even your satiric tweets can be used as fodder to the whole of you as a wrongdoer. You can’t burn Twitter down; however, you can do the next best thing: scrub your Twitter account clean. Here’s a way to eliminate all of your tweets and begin 2022 with a clean slate.

Archive Your Tweets

Before you go around expunction the record of your former life expressed in a hundred and forty characters, you’ll grab your tweets’ archive. Not just will that permit you to have a record of your humorous messages, you’ll use that archive to move even deeper into your back catalog, deleting 3,200 most up-to-date tweets that Twitter permits you to access via its API. That’s excellent news for users many thousands of tweets.

Here’s A Way to Transfer Archive of Your Tweets:

  • On your pc, visit your Twitter Settings page.
  • Scroll down and choose “Request Your Archive.”
  • When archiving is complete (it could take a while), click the “Download Now” link sent to the e-mail address related to your Twitter account.
  • Download the .zip file to your pc.

Now that you’ve got your Twitter history conserved for the future, you’ll be able to use that archive to destroy your public offered tweet history. An opportunity could be a few clicks away. Circleboom’s¬†power search allows you to search out specific tweets and replies and delete them. You’ll delete your tweets and reply one by one or¬†delete all tweets quickly by bulk delete choice and save some time.

Filter and Organize Your Tweets

We list your Tweets & replies and allow you to filter them out by using a free-text search.

Delete Specific Tweet and Reply

You can cherry-pick and delete any of your tweets and replies by clicking the “Delete” button singly.

Mass Delete

Search at intervals your “Tweets and Replies,” choose those you would like to “delete” and bulk delete all chosen with merely one button click. Circleboom starts to delete your Tweets and replies now.

Delete Your Former Tweets by “Date”

Using the archive transfer & delete feature, you’ll delete your recent Tweets supported by their “Sent Date.” By default, “Start Date” and “End Date” indicate your initial and last tweet’s dates within the file. You’ll play with the dates. These dates are comprehensive; we tend to embody Tweets on start-date, end-date, and each day.

Delete Your Former Media Tweets Quickly

We provide a singular filter in the delete archive module to help you take away solely Twitter media from your media timeline. By selecting the “remove media tweets” choice only, you’ll delete media tweets in bulk from your Twitter timeline.

Delete All Tweets and Replies in Bulk

A new restart is all we want (sometimes). By using our “Delete all my Tweets and Replies” feature, you’ll delete your most up-to-date tweets and replies with only one click. With Circleboom, you’ll be able to either delete all retweets on an individual basis; otherwise, you would like to transfer your Twitter archive to delete all tweet history.