Which new trends are likely to be seen in Shrink Disc Market?

Shrink discs are keyless external locking devices. Compared to keyed devices, shrink discs are fast and easy to install. They also offer an even distribution of locking forces. Place this device over the hub and shaft and simply tighten the locking screws. This draws the disc’s outer and inner thrust rings together—compressing the hub tightly around the shaft.

This type of connection can transmit axial loads, high torque, and reversing loads. Shrink discs are external locking devices that provide a high capacity interference fit as well as all positive features of a conventional connection method, but which are much easier and faster to assemble and dismount. When a torque is transmitted through the connection of a shaft and a hollow shaft, the contemporary solution is to use a shrink disc instead of a failure-prone keyed connection. Shrink discs are typically available with inner diameters from 14 mm up to 500 mm.

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Key Drivers of the Shrink Disc Market

  • Rise in construction and automation industries are likely to fuel the market for shrink discs at the global level. However, shrink discs find crucial application in automation equipment, computer numerical control (CNC) machine tools, printing machines, packaging machinery, wind power, and heavy machine industries.
  • The growing trend of adopting keyless locking devices is anticipated to drive the growth of the shrink disc market at the global level. Shrink disc manufacturers focus on eliminating removal and installation limitations of conventional locking devices while enhancing the features of interference fits that boosts the market.

Innovation in torque and hollow shaft of industrial gearbox creating opportunities in the shrink disc market

Raw material properties are one of the most important parameters to guarantee safe shrink disc performance. This is often not considered by customers and competitors. Machining tools precisely chosen based on the requirements and the selection of the ideally suited machine for the job, have great influence on cost-efficient production and last but not least, on competitive pricing. Companies are advancing with new parameters such as special design of the shrink disc series RfN 4181 and time based production and thus it has paved new opportunities for the shrink disc market globally.

Large Size of Shrink Discs a Restraint of the Market

Standard shrink discs need to be customized due to their large size to fit the requirement of high torque and fast production turnaround. For example, to fit the 900-mm hollow shaft, Ringfeder opted to specially design its RfN 4181 Series of heavy-duty shrink discs, which includes an additional guide mechanism on the inner ring for maximum torque transmission. Such parameters may act as restrictions in the growth of the shrink disc market.

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Asia Pacific the dominant market

China, India, and Japan contribute the most to the shrink disc market. The shrink disc market is growing in countries such as China and India due to advanced features – low susceptibility to contamination, maximum reliability, and reduced dimensions for use in restricted spaces, thus offering new opportunities to drive demand in these countries.

Key Players Operating in the Global Market

Companies are working on product innovation and development to expand their customer base. Furthermore, key companies are adopting the merger and acquisition strategy to improve their market revenue at the global level. Some of the major companies identified in the shrink disc market are:

  • VULCAN Industrial Engg. Co. Pvt. Ltd.
  • Norelem,
  • Fenner Drives, Inc.
  • StS Coupling GmbH
  • nuegart

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