what to look for when buying a high-performance mixer.

Buying a high-performance blender or mixer is an investment in kitchen appliances that you should carefully plan. The mixer you are going to buy should perform its task to the best of satisfaction for a longer duration and last long. It is not a surprise that the high-performance mixers/blenders, is, of course, significantly cost more than the normal ones, lower-performance mixers, so you should take your time when buying and evaluate with accuracy which machine is suitable. Here, we serve you tips to make your decision easier.

Mix! And otherwise? Establish your priorities first.

First of all, think about what your main preferences are when choosing a high-performance blender. Essential criteria are, for example:

  • Automatic programs or manual operation
  • Design (touchscreen, coloring, optics)
  • Additional functions (example; the grinding system for coffee, grain, etc.)
  • Price range

Select the price range according to your convenience:

One of the main priorities is, of course, price. Professional high-performance mixers that are suitable for continuous usage in the hotel industry can quickly cost several thousand rupees. Household appliances are available from around 1500 rupees and can go up to 20,000. It is up to you how much you would like to invest in this electronic kitchen utensil.

Check the material used to make the blender jar:

Plastic mixing containers have a reputation for releasing certain chemicals (example; BPA). However, glass containers, which is an alternative to the plastic mixer/blender, usually cannot endure the high forces of mixing in high-performance blenders (around 30,000 rotations per minute) for longspun. Many manufacturers are now using BPA-free plastic mix containers (which, however, also contain other chemicals). The materials used must generally be suitable for contact with food.

The price of a high-performance mixer does not necessarily say anything about the quality of the device. Here, in particular, there are products for which you pay primarily for its review and the brand name. On the other hand, many cheap manufacturers are entering the market, whose devices can hardly last longer than 2-3 years (more on this in our next blog).

Read Product reviews:

To assess whether a high-performance mixer keeps what it promises, you can read product reviews that are available on the reviews website via searching for the best high-performance table mixers in India. On Amazon.in in particular, you will find countless reviews of many machines- it is up to you whether you purchase the device from Amazon.

Since good product reviews are worth gold for companies, they are now also being bought in masses, for example, by digital marketing agencies that have never held such a machine in their hands. You can also discover influenced articles in personal blogs, as people perceive it as particularly genuine and not bought. Therefore, make sure that ratings in the test reviews and feedbacks are always explained thoroughly and should appear credible. Here is a website that has collected the genuine reviews of top 10 best mixers grinder in India from former users.

Comparison tables, in which the performance data and product information of the various devices can be read and sorted in detail, are particularly helpful to choose from the options.

We also present various high-performance mixers on Vegpool, which we have tested in detail. If a test device has been made available to us, we generally point this out in the test report.

Small tip: Green smoothies require a powerful blender to mix all ingredients properly.

How much guarantee does the manufacturer offer?

No matter how promisingly a high-performance mixer can be advertised – in the end, it is only in day-to-day operations that you can see whether the device delivers what it promises. Manufacturers who try to create a brand of themselves, therefore, regularly give so many guarantees that nothing can go wrong.

Incidentally, the voluntary guarantee differs from the legally required one. Hence, you should make sure that the guarantee conditions also apply here, especially when buying from the manufacturer from where you are purchasing for the first time. Some providers, like Amazon and Flipkart, do cover the costs of a possible return shipment within the initial period – it doesn’t get much fairer.

If you want to be on the safe side, some manufacturers can also extend the warranty period. This warranties cost extra, but also offers the security that in the event of a fault (for which the manufacturer is responsible), the manufacturer takes the corrective measures. However, wearing components are usually not covered in the guarantee given by the company.

Save money when buying a high-performance mixer

Even those who have already decided on a high-performance blender/mixer can often save a little more money. Before buying, it is advisable to hunt for coupon codes in search engines. In addition to the percentage or fixed money discounts, you might also find free shipping or extra accessories that come with it. Some providers also link the discounts and sales to the subscription to a newsletter (you can usually cancel it later if you are not interested).