The invention of Erno Rubik in 1974, Rubik’s cube has been of great significance in the magnificent world of toys. With heaps of advantages and upcoming variants, Rubik’s cube has made a completely unique mark for itself withinside the lives of children. 

This wonderful toy is not just an entertaining play for a child, but way beyond it. Initially made with a purpose to not exactly utilize it for a child’s play, a Rubik’s cube has magnificent significance today. This interesting and innovative toy has a powerful history and idea behind it that led it to become revolutionary in the history of toys and set a great path for the invention of a whole cubing world.

Rubik’s cube is famously stated as invented not for the purpose of playing but for the purpose of explaining three-dimensional figures to the architecture students. Erno Rubik, the inventor of Rubik’s cube was an architect professor by profession and in order to explain to his students about the great world of three-dimensional figures and the workings of spatial figures in three-dimensional environments, he came up with the idea of Rubik’s cube. Interestingly, It just took only a month for Erno Rubik to solve his own invention. 

Exciting and mind-stimulating, A Rubik’s cube has several benefits ranging from improving critical skills, problem-solving skills, and analytical skills, to helping in getting rid of minute bad addictions such as nail-biting or hair picking. Moreover, practising Rubik’s cube continuously helps in improving dexterity and finger movement. 

It has also been scientifically proven that solving Rubik’s cube helps in relieving anxiety and stress. 

Over the years, Rubik’s cube has gained a lot of popularity amongst people. There have been several tournaments and challenges that revolve around this magnificent twisty puzzle

Some challenges are so quirky and exciting that the audience gets on the edge of their seats while experiencing these amazing challenges. Challenges like solving cubes underwater or while hanging upside down, in fact, there are challenges such as solving Rubik’s cubes while juggling or with both hands and feet. 

If you are someone who feels like competing in these amazing but tedious speedcubing competitions, then here are some of the tips that could help you to figure out whether you are perfectly ready for these competitions or not.

  • You speed cube under a minute: If you are someone who could speed cube in just an eye’s blink then you are definitely ready for these competitions. 
  • It takes you little to no time to understand the Rubik’s cube and strategize its solution. You see it and you solve it. 
  • You always challenge yourself by solving the cube in even less time than your previous game. Afterall it all lands on how better you can do from your previous achievement.
  • You cube all the time. You worship your cube and keep practicing it. You believe in your hardwork and practice
  • And lastly, you believe in yourself and finally feel that you are ready for the tournament. 

Solving Rubik’s cube is really a tough task. Where it takes us a week to get to the right solution of the Rubik’s cube, these kids solve it as if it’s just a piece of cake. 

With the several benefits that a Rubik’s cube has to offer, it is also one of the greatest hobbies that one could take during the lockdowns or simply while staying at home. Moreover, Rubik’s cube could be a fun parent-children activity that parents could venture onto with their kids and spend some quality and intellectual time with their kids. 

Mind-stimulating and relaxing, Rubik’s cube is a portable twisty puzzle that could be slid into your pocket and could be taken with you anywhere and anytime. It’s basically your mobile pass-time device. 

Moreover, once you are done with solving a regular Rubik’s cube you can shift onto solving different variations of the cube, such as axis cube, mastermorphix, snake cube, ghost cube, and many more. These different variations of cubes offer a vivid curiosity and excitement while solving and also helps in experiencing something new in terms of twisty puzzles. 

So, this weekend get yourself a great quality Rubik’s cube and enter the world of cubes. 

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Happy cubing!


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