You must have at one point come across boots with a protective reinforcement at the toe area, this type of shoe in Nairobi might bear both the international and the national certification badge that indicates what the shoe can protect its user from. In some fields, it’s mandatory by legislation to have the safety boots on in Nairobi 



In Nairobi you find the price of safety boots with as low as Ksh 1500 and goes as high as even Ksh 9000, the price varies depending on the origin of the boots that is if imported or if locally manufactured 

The price is also determined with the raw material used in the manufacturing of the boots as this will determine the quality of the boots once finished.

Other factors that you will find to somehow determine the price of the boots is tax, for imported boots for instance the shipping cost will also be put into consideration as well as the tax by the port’s authorities



  1. Think of working in an industry or maybe a construction site the chances of having items dropping on your toes are high, safety boots are designed in a way that they can absorb the energy of the dropping items in that you will not feel a thing as a result of the drop.
  2. With most safety boots in Nairobi, the chance of getting injured as a result of stepping on sharp objects are minimal as their sol are designed to not only withstand a piercing penetration but also to prevent the penetration in the first place
  3. In addition to protecting, you from piercing penetration the safety boots in Nairobi are also designed to protect you from electrocution in case you happen to have stepped in a leak by bad chance, they are designed with a sole that is not conductors of electricity
  4. In case of totally y bad luck, scenario safety boots are a great self-defense weapon, in situations where you are being attacked.



  1. Display area and designated trade locations
  2. Ordering from within an internet site
  3. On the spot shipment store
  4. Commissary stores



  1. Ordering safety boots online in Nairobi might seem to be the easiest thing to do, but even as you do that you need to consider the following
  2. That the safety boots that you might be ordering is probably not certified or has not put into consideration the requirement as per by the legislation by the state
  3. That the safety boots that you are ordering probably would not fit your requirements and needs for which you are ordering the safety boots for in the first place
  4. That what you are seeing online might not necessarily be how it will appear when it is delivered to you and that it might probably not be even what you had imagined
  5. You will probably order but the delivery might delay depending on the delivery system of the firm from which you are ordering from.

All in all, the online platform is here to make purchasing much easier and faster but it also depends on other factors so still you might find visiting designated showrooms as the best way of purchasing safety boots. For more information, visit https://www.safetybooauthorities