What Kind of L-Shaped Desk Is Right for You?

If you’ve decided to purchase an L-shaped desk, odds are it’s because you were attracted to its vast work surface. After all, L-shaped desks are perfect for multitasking and spreading out your work equipment. Thanks to the L-shape, it’s like having two desks in one.

 However, during your research you may have noticed that while all L-shaped desks come in the same shape, they do not necessarily come in the same size nor do they include the same features. If you’re having trouble zeroing in on that perfect L-shaped desk, you might first want to learn about some of the different kinds of L-shaped desks and their benefits. Lucky for you, we’ve narrowed it down to four of the most popular types of L-shaped desks.

Small L-Shaped Desk

Exactly as it sounds, a small L-shaped desk is simply a desk that is smaller than standard L-shaped desks. These desks will generally be 60 inches long by 60 inches wide or less while the standard models tend to reach at least 70 inches in width and length.

 Small L-shaped desks are specifically designed for small home office spaces or for crowded business offices. Thanks to their smaller shape, they can fit better in tight corners and awkward nooks and crannies. This means that they also make great study desks for students. Despite their smaller size, these desks still offer a vast L-shaped work surface, and many models will come with built-in pedestals to provide some storage options.

Standing L-Shaped Desk

Standing L-shaped desks are perfect for restless workers who dislike sitting at their desks all day. These desks feature an electric motor that allows you to move the desktop up and down so you can work in either a seated position or a standing position.

 In some cases, the entire L-shaped workstation is height-adjustable, whereas some models feature 2 desks: a regular standing desk combined with a standard office desk to create an L-shape (in this case, only one of the desktops is adjustable). Choosing between the two versions will most likely depend on how much stuff you plan on keeping on your desktop.

 These kinds of desks also help relieve pressure on your back, neck, shoulders, and hips, which can become worse from prolonged sitting.

Executive L-Shaped Desk

When it comes to storage solutions and desk size, an executive L-shaped desk is similar to most standard L-shaped desks. Where it differs greatly, however, is in its design and style. Executive L-shaped desks are all about making a statement.

 Generally speaking, these kinds of desks are ornately decorated with classic moldings and elegant drawer handles or knobs. Executive L-shaped desks tend to have robust pedestals on each end, framing the center of the desk. This model of L-shaped desk is perfect for a professional business office as its mere presence evokes a sense of sophistication and class.

Credenza L-Shaped Desk

A credenza L-shaped desk is generally composed of a credenza and a return table. When the return table is placed onto the credenza, a layered L-shaped desktop is formed. These kinds of desks are especially useful is you have a lot of office equipment, supplies, or paperwork. The credenza part can come with a variety of storage solutions such as open and closed storage compartments, utility drawers, and file drawers.

 An interesting stylistic choice could be to choose a credenza and a return table with two different colors. The two-tone design, along with the variation of storage options on one side of the desk, can create a unique asymmetrical look.

 And there you have it! These four kinds of L-shaped desks each have their own benefits and unique features, and the desk you choose should reflect your office needs. Each desk also has a unique style, which will say a lot about the kind of worker you are. Carefully taking the time to choose the right desk for you will ultimately improve your overall work experience. Good luck!