Idris Elba Raises Awareness About Coronavirus And Slams Fake News Claiming That Black People Cannot Get It

Idris Elba Raises Awareness About Coronavirus

Actor Idris Elba returned to the “stupid” conspiracy theory that prompted him and other celebrities to lie about their diagnosis of coronavirus.

The British star, who revealed that he had tested positive for the disease earlier this month after being exposed to a person with coronavirus, criticized the proposal as “absolute nonsense” in a live broadcast on Instagram on Tuesday.

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While coronavirus testing was delayed in the United States, with patients in some areas not being able to test, celebrities, athletes, politicians, and other eminent personalities spoke of the positive test even without symptoms.

This inequality led to anger and frustration – something Elba raised on his broadcast saying he wanted to test everyone.

He told his 4.7 million followers: “The defamation test is counter-productive. I don’t see what people are coming out of.

He also continues, “And also, such an idea that someone like me would be pushed to say I have coronavirus – this is utter nonsense and stupid.”

According to Johns Hopkins University numbers, the global epidemic has killed more than 19,000 people worldwide.

Days after the star of “Luther” revealed her diagnosis, his wife Sabrina Dore Elba confirmed that she was also positive after her decision to isolate her.

She said, “I don’t feel anything that might reach what people are now expecting for the symptoms of the coronavirus, which is really strange.”

“It may change in the coming weeks and we will inform everyone. But it is worrisome that we are here, two people, and … we are asymptomatic.”

Elba said in a live video on Instagram that spreading false news that celebrities are lying is “the fastest way to make people get sick this way because I and Sabrina have no advantage here.”

Although he didn’t mention her by name, Elba probably responded to a Grammy Award-winning rapper Grammy B’s suggestion that celebrities who say test results are positive for the disease without showing symptoms as if they were in a ‘Flat Tummy Tea’ commercial sit-in – a reference to products Get rid of the toxins that influencers pay to promote online. The famous rapper did not mention her.