What are the various types of asbestos surveys to know?

Do you know that the demolition or renovation processes of your home can cause you severe lung damages including cancer? It happens because of the exposure to asbestos fiber that will mix with the air you inhale when you are destroying the building materials that contain the element. Asbestos may not directly affect you when it is stable. However, once you break or disturb the component that contains the element, it will start disturbing your health. You will not know that you are inhaling the asbestos fiber as it will not be visible to the naked eye. However, it is advisable to keep away from such infections. So, it is necessary to assess the amount of asbestos present in your building before you start the process. You can find several companies out there who can do an asbestos survey  and report to you the estimated risks. Then, you can plan accordingly. Since the use of asbestos is banned in several parts, you might be fined if you do not do these assessments. There are several types of asbestos surveys to do, depending on the type of process you are about to carry out. In this article, let us discuss some of these types in brief.

Types of asbestos survey

Asbestos management survey

Let us assume that you are managing the demolition or renovation works in a property. There will be several people working on the site along with you. It is your responsibility to make sure that none of your workers get affected by the air contaminated with asbestos fibers during the work. So, you have to conduct an asbestos management survey according to the asbestos control regulations. You would have to manage the asbestos-containing materials in the property and make sure that no one disturbs them accidentally. You may use the necessary equipment to locate and maintain the ACMs without harming anyone.

Refurbishment or demolition survey

Refurbishment or demolition of a building will disturb the asbestos-containing materials in it. Hence, you would have to conduct a different type of survey before the process to control the effects of this disturbance. So, you have to choose the right persons who know to handle these activities with ACMs. The surveyor will take a sample from the parts that are about to be demolished and check for the presence of asbestos. Once they give the report, you can start the refurbishment and demolition processes with the required safety measures.

Residential asbestos survey

If you are living in your home and require a contractor to remodel your home, you should take the necessary asbestos surveys to confirm the safety of the worker. It is better to know the presence of asbestos in your home at all times.

Reinspection asbestos survey

It is not enough to take an asbestos survey once alone. If you have to be confident with the levels of asbestos in your property, you would have to recheck the levels of asbestos through frequent surveys.