What are the pieces of equipment needed to build a rig welding truck?

Based on the fact that a person searched for this topic, one can assume the person is ready to take on the work of a rig welder. Interested people can buy a pickup prepared with all the necessary tools and accessories to weld rigs. Another option that they have is to make their own rig welding truck. Zemotor has some of the best options and offers when it comes to used trucks.

 Even if a person buys a regular pickup truck with the necessary power, they can modify it into a rig welding unit on their own. So now, what pieces of equipment will the person need to turn their regular truck into a rig welding truck? Or what should a person make sure a readily modified rig welding truck has?

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What pieces of equipment and tools does a rig welding truck require? 

  • Welding bed

 Welding beds exist to make the transportation of welding tools and machines easier. Since the truck will not be stationary at all times, a welder may need this frame to keep the materials in place during transport. Get the right vehicle from https://www.zemotor.com/used-cars/rig-welding-truck before buying or making a welding bed.

 There are many types of welding beds in the market. A person has the option to either buy a readymade one or custom build one on their own. The space available in a truck differs from model to model. Therefore, it is not possible to use the same bed for all types of mobile rig welding units.

 If a person decides to buy a welding bed instead of making one, they can either purchase a new one or an already used one. Weigh the pros and cons against each other before settling on either of the options.

  • Welding machine

 No rig welding will happen without a welding machine. Choosing the right device depends upon the person’s requirements and experience. Welding thin sheets of metal and welding pipes and other more robust metal will require different types of welding machines.

 The first thing to do is to decide what kind of projects one wants to work on. Then get the right device. If a person does not want to buy one, they can always rent it on an hourly basis.

  • Clamps

 Clamps will keep the pieces of metal together while welding. There is no harm in getting different sized and styled ones when it comes to this handy tool. One will realize that they need more than one clamp shortly after starting their welding job. Always keep more than one in the truck.

  • Grinder

 Grinders will help in cutting, polishing, and cleaning the metal after doing whatever is necessary. This machine can be dangerous if not used following the instructions. A pedestal grinder is a safer option to prepare metal.

  • Gloves

 Working in the welding industry not only exposes a person to sharp metal, but also hot metal. A rig welder will need to keep a pair of gloves for safety purposes. It is highly risky and dangerous to weld metal without gloves.

  • Auto-darkening welding helmet

 This product is another must-have safety accessory. It protects the face and eyes from bright lights and sparks. How this piece of equipment works is that there is an inbuilt computer inside that can detect bright lights and automatically turn dark as and when needed.

  • Hammers

 Hammers are another tool that one will need in multiple shapes and sizes. A person will need more than one hammer. However, starting with two is enough for small projects.

  • Fire extinguisher

As a rig welder will be working with fire, it is safest to keep a fire extinguisher in the truck. Make sure to place it in an accessible spot where one can easily reach in case of emergencies.


 The tools mentioned above are just the fundamental and essential pieces of equipment that every rig welding truck will need. As a person ventures further into the world of welding, they will find out what more they need. The first step is getting the most appropriate truck for rig welding, and Zemotor can help with that.