What Are the Different Styles of Swimsuits That You Can Buy Online?

Swimsuit shopping can be surprisingly tricky. Shopping online has the risk-factor of purchasing something shady, and it’s just as infuriating to try on swimsuits in an unflattering fitting-room mirror. There are also a bazillion swimwear styles to choose from, making things even more complicated. To help you with your shopping journey, here’s a useful guide to the different types of swimwear online and some tricks to remember before enjoying the summer heat:


The bikini is a classic favourite for every summer girl. It’s a two-piece swimsuit, usually with a bra top and bottom that cuts just below the belly button to flaunt your figure. Basic bikini tops have triangle shapes that support the breasts and the adjoining strings around the back and neck for a snug and adjustable fit. Some popular styles are monokini for rectangle and curvy bodies, bandeaukini and trikini for hourglass and mid-bust women, and tankini for apple body types.


One-piece swimwear often comes with lower and middle back cutouts for general support and better coverage. This bathing suit design is a fashion swimsuit with a retro look mostly associated with the iconic Marilyn Monroe. One-piece swimsuits accentuate the body and ladies who may not want to flash too much skin but are stylish with a sheer net neckline, fringes, and beautiful prints.

Active Swimwear

This swimwear can be one-piece or two-piece swimsuits with sportswear technology, such as compression fabrics, moisture-wicking materials, and UPF protection for active use on the beach or in the pool. Jump on your paddleboard in a protective rash guard or play beach volley with your friends in full-coverage bikini bottoms and active tops. If you want more protection, swim leggings will offer you the comfort you need to move around freely.

Quick Tips

Now that you know the most basic available swimwear online, here are some brilliant style tips to transform even the most swimsuit-wary lady into a certified summer gal:

  • Don’t go crazy on the lower part if you’d like to slim your hips. The lesser, the better! Shift the focus to your top by getting a lighter colour with cute details or a lovely pattern. Go with a high-cut bottom to give the impression of slender legs.
  • If you’re trying to enhance a small bust, don’t rule out underwires as it provides a shape for the chest. Try swimsuits with extras like ruffles, embroidery, and pleating as they add extraordinary visual value. Avoid bandeaus because they will flatten you even more.
  • Don’t go for shimmery textiles if you’d like some belly control, as it highlights every lump and bumps. Matte’s a lot better. Skip tankinis and show off some skin with a high-cut leg or a low-cut top that draws attention away from the middle.
  • If you’d like to support a big bust, try nix triangle tops unless you’re bigger than a D cup since they don’t give adequate support. Avoid high necklines and get a piece with underwire or a built-in bra, especially if your top isn’t a halter.

Shopping in malls is overrated, especially at the age of social distancing. Over the years, online swimwear brands had also provided more choices for customers to meet their budget, size, and design preferences. It’s tricky to gauge what will fit you, but finding a retail outlet who uses models with your body shape can help you envision yourself in the outfit. Also, always read the fine print and return policy.

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