What are stem cells and what they do

Stem cells are the raw material of the human body. Stem cells make several other cells and specialize in their functions. When the conditions are normal and favourable, then stem cells can be divided to form other cells. The cells produced are known as daughter cells. Stem cell treatment in Mexico has helped people a lot in achieving the desired outcomes.

The daughter cells produced might become a new stem cell, or they might become a specialized cell with more specialized functions. The stem cells are converted into brain cells, heart muscles, blood cells, and bone cells. No cells other than stem cells have the ability to generate new types of cell.

Sources of stem cells

Several studies have proved several sources. Some of the sources are as follows.

1.    Embryonic stem cells

These are harvested from the three to five days old embryos. When an embryo is three to five days old, then it is called blastocyte. A blastocyte usually has more than 150 cells. These stem cells arise more and new stem cells. Embryonic stem cells can give regenerate damaged organs.

2.    Adult stem cells

A small fraction of stem cells are found in adult stem cells. Particularly adult stem cells are found in adult tissues, for instance bone marrow or fat. Adult stem cells are more capable of giving rise to new cells.

3.    Perinatal stem cells

These stem cells are found in umbilical cord blood and amniotic fluid. Such stem cells are also capable of changing into specialized cells.

Why use stem cells?

Scientists have a great interest in using stem cells.

They help understand the onset of diseases

The stem cells can help understand the occurrence of diseases and the cause of disease development becomes clear.


Health cells from stem cells can help to replace damaged cells

Stem cells are to form into specialized cells; thus, they help to repair and regenerate damaged cells in patients.

The people who are being benefitted from stem cell therapy may include people suffering from Parkinson’s disease, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease, heart disease, stroke, cancer, osteoarthritis, type I diabetes, and burns.


Working of stem cell therapy

Stem cell therapy is regenerative medicine, and it promotes response to the treatment of diseases and dysfunctional tissues. Stem cell treatment Mexico can help the people to have the most satisfying results. The most efficient and perfect results help people believe that stem cell therapy is the most effective therapy as compared to surgical operations and procedures.

The stem cells are grown by researchers in laboratories. The stem cells are changed into different specialized cells such as nerve cells, brain cells, or heart muscles.

The specialized cells, once grown, are inserted into the patient. The stem cells are inserted into the muscles of the defected area, such as if a person has heart disease, then stem cells are inserted into the heart muscles of the person. The stem cells, once inserted, can help the patient to recover from muscle dysfunction and other complications.