Animation is considered to be something that can be learned easily yet hard to master. Since software now for animation are getting cheaper or even free, anyone can have an access to a new career as long as you also have the right tools and devices. However, just because it’s accessible to everyone doesn’t mean anyone can do animation. It still needs to be learned and familiarized and most importantly mastered by any persistent animator.


Definition of Animation

Animation, as defined in its technical term, is the creation of illusion thru visual presentation of images in a rapid or prompt display in order to make a single scene. Images should always be projected quickly, that is, one after another to create an illusion of life.

However, there is more to it than just moving pictures. Animation can be very beneficial depending on its purpose or use because all animations have their own story. It could be used for entertainment purposes, to spread factual and useful information, or to market products and businesses. It is not just about the amazing visuals but should also be about communication. The most important thing to consider when making an animation is to make sure you know how to catch your target’s attention and be able to provide them the story or message that you want to convey.


Purpose of Animation

The main purpose of animation is to bring to life the things we never thought are possible. Either its reason is to entertain its audience or give them factual and useful information or market some products, what animators would really want to achieve is to make those things possible through visual presentations. It could be made thru different ways like drawing, moving character rigs, puppets, cut-out character or lego figures.

In Donker Media, our purpose is to give our clients the outcome they deserve. We always make sure that we will meet their expectations and provide them the perfect project they always want to obtain as that is how real animators do.


Skills needed to become a successful animator

You don’t really need to be the best in drawing in order to become a successful animator because what really matters the most is your attitude towards your work. Though having a passion in drawing and sketching is really a great help especially in the virtual aspects of the industry, however, it is not technically necessary. Creativity however is the most important attribute to every renowned animator. Your mind should be imaginative as you will be creating things that are beyond this world. You also need to understand the essence on how animation should become a medium of communication and to be able to put a story behind every scene. Being patient and keen to every detail is also vital as you would need to consider every piece of the puzzle to create a whole picture. Lastly, since 3D animation’s demand has rapidly increased throughout the recent years, it is now significant to be computer literate or at least familiar with the computer tools needed to generate visuals especially with graphics software.

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