Heavy Duty Truck and Tractor Units

A work vehicle unit (main player, farm truck, truck, semi-truck, semi-farm vehicle, rig, or huge apparatus) is a typically hard core towing motor that gives thought process capacity to pulling a towed or trailered load. These fall into two classes: overwhelming and medium obligation military and business back wheel drive semi-work vehicles utilized for pulling semi-trailers, and extremely rock solid regularly rough terrain fit, frequently 6×6, military and business farm hauler units, including counterbalance farm trucks.

Truck1. EU

Truck1.EU is a European online commercial center for business Heavy duty trucks and tractor units in Truck1’s inventory vehicles. It contains following sorts of vehicles;

  • Trucks
  • Farm vehicle units
  • Semi-Trailers
  • Trailers
  • Vans
  • Transports
  • Campers
  • Development Machinery
  • Agricultural Machinery
  • Fortestary Equipment


A truck (an overwhelming burden vehicle) – is a methods for transport expected for load transportation. The idea of a “truck” has a somewhat expansive definition and incorporates farm truck units, just as business vehicles and even pick-ups. A truck comprises of a footing part and a heap stage. Presently how about we mull over trucks with the vital burden stage and the GVW that spans as much as 7, 5 tons. The key characterization of trucks can be made based on their heap conveying capacity.

The grouping dependent on the heap conveying capacity;

  • Light business trucks with the GVW of 7, 5-15 tons, for example, Renault Master, VW Crafter and Mercedes-Benz Sprinter;
  • Medium obligation trucks with the GVW of 15-40 tons, as Volvo FL or Volvo FE, intended for urban or provincial transportations;
  • Rock solid trucks with the GVW of 40-100 tons, intended for arduous developments (Volvo FMX, Renault C and Iveco Trakker);
  • Super-rock solid trucks (dumpers) with the GVW of 100-400 tons, for instance, BelAz 7560, 7571, Cat 797 F, and so on.

Payload stages can be altogether different relying upon the points of utilization: open, shut, drape sider, isothermal, fridge and furthermore dumper. Trucks can be outfitted with tanks for fluid transportation, including risky fluids.

Truck Units

A Truck unit is a truck focused on transportation of various burdens on a particular semi-trailer. It is the important part of any calculated organization armada. These amazing vehicles are made to move substantial burdens. The capacity to be combined with a wide range of semitrailer makes these vehicles exceptionally widespread and adaptable.


Lodges can be taxi over (with hood) or traditional (motor under taxi). Ordinary lodges are boundless basically in the USA and Australia in light of the fact that there are no length limitations for long stretch trucks. In Europe generally taxi over truck work vehicles are fabricated and utilized.


Motor is the most significant practical piece of any farm vehicle unit. Its ability, power yield and fuel utilization are the most significant qualities. Truck-farm haulers are normally furnished with diesel motors, anyway future is close – half breed and completely electric trucks are being created and tried.

Transmission conveys the motor capacity to the haggles decides working execution of the whole truck. The transmission comprises of a gearbox, drive shaft, driving axles. A gearbox can be manual, self-loader and programmed. The wheel equation decides the quantity of driving axels (4×2, 4×4, 6×2, 6×4, etc.).