What are discount codes and more about them

In simple words, discount codes are individualized and publicly launched offer codes provided to the customers to expedite their purchase decision. The objective of the discount code is to reduce the cost of a product and encourage customers to shop more and more.

How many types of discounts can you provide?

Percent discount offer

This type of discount provides a fixed percentage off on the sticker price of a product or the complete amount of purchased items. However, just know that the shipping charges and other taxes are not covered by this discount.

Free shipping is amazing

As the name suggests, this type of shipping provides an amazing opportunity to get rid of the extra shipping charges that are usually added to the cost of the package that you receive. Only some products are eligible for free shipping, but it’s a great deal for those who are going to buy something that is eligible for this discount.

Fixed amount discount

Some coupon codes come with a fixed amount of discount on the product within a price range. For example – $20 off on any purchase of $100 or more. Such discounts are usually valid for a short-term duration, so you have to be quick to avail of them.

As we talk about discount codes with limited time validity, let’s look at some more options in limited period discount codes.

The time limit needs to be followed

We all know that discount codes are meant to be used quickly. You can’t wait longer to use them as they might not last long as you expect. This is why most discount codes come with a fixed expiry date, so you have to use them before that day or date.

Sometimes, there is no fixed date written on the coupon, but it is valid for the next two weeks or one month, so you have to be sure to use it during this duration.

Apart from that, there can be a limit on how you can use the coupon codes. Almost all coupon codes have a limit of usage. For example – some coupon codes can be used one time per day and then there are coupon codes that can be used only once a month.

See how much is being offered

A brand’s promotion and marketing program determine how many codes will be offered to the customers in a particular time frame. This quantity is always connected to the available inventory.

Creating an unbeatable discount strategy

Nowadays coupon codes can be found in the checkout section or the checkout page if you’re using a laptop or desktop. Other than that, you can place the link of coupon code at the point of checkout so that the customer can click and apply the code to avail the discount instantly.

Spread the news of this new coupon code offer for maximum positive results in your strategy. You can use your brand’s website or mobile app for this purpose. Apart from that, your brand’s social media handles can play a major role in the success of your campaign.