What are aircraft warning lights and what are its benefits?

Aircraft warning lights are attached to tall buildings to avoid collisions. They are high-intensity lighting devices. These devices make the tall buildings more visible for aircraft. These high-intensity lights are used at nights when the tall structures are hardly visible. They can also be used during the day time. They are also called aviation lights. There are different kinds of aviation lights. They may vary in intensity. There are high-intensity lights, medium intensity lights, and low-intensity lights. The tower lights are also differentiated on the basis of light beam patterns. These lights can be found in different colors. Red is the most commonly used color. It is commonly used in places where the aircraft regularly fly. These obstruction lights are installed at the top of the high buildings, towers, and tall structures. The objective of these lights is to make towers and tall buildings more visible. They can serve as protecting their lives and property. If these lights are not installed on high structured buildings, there may occur a serious accident and we may lose thousands of lives.

According to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), all the buildings that are 200 ft. above the ground level must have tower warning lights.

  • Prevent air accidents

In today’s world, buildings and towers are made taller in height. These tall structures are a threat to aircraft. There are chances of air accidents. To prevent such unlikely incidents, tower lights were installed. If these lights are installed correctly, they will serve their purpose correctly. The purpose of these lights is obvious. They can prevent air accidents. If these lightings are not installed, there are greater chances of air accidents. FAA and ICAO made this regulation to install warning lights so that accidents could decrease. It is reported that 500 accidents per year have decreased after the installation of these tower lights.

  • Protect the property from damage

Aircraft warning lights not only prevent air accidents but also protect the property from damage. An air accident can cause damage more than you can even imagine. It is important to take safety precautions to avoid such accidents. If the aviation lights were not installed, the aircraft would not be able to detect the presence of tall buildings and towers. A collision may occur and it can destroy the whole building or tower. The property will be damaged and the business will be in loss. It is important for the tower building owners to install such lights so that they do not face any damage. Aviation lights protect the property and lives.

  • Conclusion:

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