The Walt Disney group has decided to reopen their Disney Park in Florida to keep the business inflow, however, the Disneyland of California would remain close due to lack of staff-training to maintain the Coronavirus restrictions as confirmed on Wednesday.From actors to commoners, calls are made in growing numbers with an urge to rethink their Florida decision.

On Thursday, the Actors Equality Association, which represents about 600 professional actors at Disney World, issued a statement saying, “If Disneyland has postponed, it is unclear how Walt Disney World can responsibly move toward reopening when coronavirus cases are much worse in Florida.”

Walt Disney Decides to Reopen Disney Park in Florida, While Disneyland in California Remains Closed

Andrea Finger, a spokesperson for Walt Disney World, confirmed the park’s reopening scheduled to remain unchanged. Florida, the Sunshine City, has become the epicenter of COVID-19 spread with as many as 5,500 new cases recorded on two days in a row, breaking its previous record of an average of 4,000 cases every day.

The state, which survived the worst surge of the pandemic during March and April, is now hanging on the edge.The Disney Hollywood Studios are to reopen on July 15, while the Magic World and Animal Park start on July 11.

However, the Disneyland Wednesday declared it would not reopen on July 17 and the date remains unclear as of now. Read more..


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