Money Heist Season 5: Fan Theory Suggests A New Generation of The Gang

La Casa De Papel fans were desperate to see how the season 4 wrapped after the third one ended with Nairobi (Alba Fores) receiving a gunshot in the chest as she watched her son, Axei, approaching the Bank of Spain, as planned by Inspector Alicia Sierra (Najwa Nimri). However, the Money Heist character could cheat on death at that time but was later killed in the fourth season when security guard Gandia (Jose Manuel Poga) broke free the chain and subjected her to a brutal headshot.

As the scene comes to an end, so does Nairobi’s journey as a part of the Netflix crime-drama. Speaking on Money Heist: The Phenomenon, actor Alba Fores thanked her colleagues for their immense support during her time on the set and hinted at her son, Axei’s future.

We already know that Axei was taken away from Nairobi after she was caught selling pills for money and to save the roof over their heads. At the very beginning of the formation of the band, Nairobi had confided in Tokyo about her plan to collect money, find out Axei, and then live on together as a happy family. However, Tokyo advised it was not a good idea, and Nairobi, eventually, forgot about it until she encountered Alicia’s brutal tactic of using Axei as a pawn to bring the mother near the window and shot her to death. We all are aware of what happened next.

Money Heist Season 5: Fan Theory Suggests A New Generation of The Gang

Alba expresses that she hopes Nairobi would like to give his son “a life full of possibilities than she could have given him herself… a beautiful life… a better life.”

With Nairobi now unable to reunite with his son and the fate of Stockholm’s son and Lisbon’s daughter hanging on the edge and after the star dropped the spoiler, the fan theories cannot help speculate the arrival of the children of the robbers as the Next Generation, guided by Tokyo.

Noting Tokyo’s role as a narrator, Redditor Arno1903 theorized: “Why is Tokyo narrating it to them? Do you ask? It is because she is also training them for the upcoming heists. And this would be the spin-off series that is in talks.” Read more..