Voyage Data Recorder Market Competition by Manufacturers, Concentration Rate, Production Volume

Voyage Data Recorder Market: A Snapshot

Voyage data recorders also known as VDR are data recording systems used in all vessels. Their use in mandated by IMO’s international convention SOLAS requirements. Today’s system collect the data as mandated then digitalize it, compress it, and store information in an externally mounted protective storage. The external storage is mandated to be tamper-proof and usually can withstand extreme shocks, heat, pressure, and impact. Hence, even in worst case scenarios like sinking of the vessel or collisions, the data is usually recoverable for sea vessels.

The new advancements in the technologies have led to major changes in the operation of sea vessels and VOD technology. Today even under worst circumstances, last 12 hours of data from the ships is usually recoverable. Authorities use this information to replay and access information for official investigations.

Advanced VOD systems are also accompanied with a recording control unit and a data acquisition unit. These are connected to the sensors of the ship and also to its various equipment. The voyage data recorder market is experiencing tremendous growth as increasing advancements and rising precautions led to the introduction of MSC.333(90) which mandated ship vessel owners to keep track of 30 days of data internally. New VOC technology enables recording this data on various units within the advanced systems. The manufacturers of VODs differ in their usage of terminology for different equipment.

VODs are expected to gain increased attention in the near future as despite the low-risks of collisions, and accidents, new sensors and available information helps decrease maintenance costs for ships. The widely available information can also improve performance, monitoring, and heavy weather damage analysis. So, apart from maritime security, maritime commerce is also expected to drive robust growth for the voyage data recorder market in the near future. The newest low cost and simple MSC 163 is widely used in basic ships for recording data. The VOD technology emits a wide range of information including gyro compasss, position, time, date, speed log, and radar. Additionally, the equipment can also provide information on hul openings, ECDIS, rudder, among various other things.

Voyage Data Recorder Market: Introduction

Voyage data recorder is usually a two-part system consisting of a data collecting unit and a protected storage unit, and stores the retrieved data. The main component of the voyage data recorder system is carried inside the ship and is connected to a deck-mounted protective capsule, which houses a fixed high-capacity solid-state memory block. The capsule is designed to withstand fire, deep-sea pressure, and shock.

Global Voyage Data Recorder Market: Competitive Landscape

Danelec Marine A/S

Founded in 1995, Danelec Marine A/S is headquartered in Denmark. The company is a leading manufacturer of voyage data recorders, electronics chart displays & information systems, and Ship-2-Shore data solutions with more than 6,000 installations worldwide. The company provides efficient solutions, services, and products to ship-owners with low-cost ownership and high customer satisfaction.

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INTERSCHALT Maritime Systems AG

Established in 2007, INTERSCHALT Maritime Systems AG is a multinational corporation headquartered in Barendrecht, Netherlands. The company provides maritime software and services, as well as manufactures VDR systems for ship operations. Interschalt maritime systems AG is in the ownership of a group of private individuals with maritime background and has a management team. Interschalt maritime systems AG was formed a result of merger of its former subsidiaries: AVECS Corporation AG, Interschalt GmbH, Stein Sohn GmbH, and Seacos GmbH. The merger incorporates companies with more than 130 years of experience and excellent reputation in the maritime ship supply industry.


Founded in 1938 and headquartered in Nagasaki, Japan. FURUNO ELECTRIC CO., LTD is a Japan-based electronics company offering products such as marine electronics, including radar systems, fish finders, and navigational instruments. The company also manufactures global positioning systems, medical equipment and meteorological monitoring and analysis systems.

Northrop Grumman Sperry Marine B.V.

Founded in 2010, Northrop Grumman Sperry Marine B.V. is headquartered in Surrey, the U.K. The company provides safe, efficient, and reliable navigation solutions for defense maritime. The company provides navigation solutions, including radars, compass systems, steering systems, speed logs, integrated bridge, and control systems.