Virtual Reality Check

Augmented Reality (AR) is defined as technology that lays computer-generated enhancements with the upper hand of existing Reality. Virtual Reality (VR) is defined as an immersive experience within a computer-generated environment.

The word Virtual Reality was known not until in the 80s when Joaron Lanier used it. He referred it to his tactile gloves and his sophisticated headset. His company was among the first company to perform virtual surgery. Over the years both Augmented vs. Virtual Reality have been used as advanced learning tools, thus finally they are used in almost all classrooms worldwide.

Augmented and Virtual Reality has become transformational technologies that are changing the existing theories for the better. These advanced technologies have used by several universities and research organizations.

At the early foundation of Virtual Reality, a stereoscope was made for research purposes to help in perception research. When two slightly different images were used as they were aligned side by side, the stethoscopes allowed the user to feel. By holding two slightly different images, aligned side-by-side, stereoscopes let viewers feel closeness and strong sense than traditional procedures. This hence became so popular in this more photos taken during that time were stereoscopic.

Virtual Reality is now experiencing a revival in interest. This has been seen to draw attention to developing medical applications. With the new technology, Virtual Reality has shown some promising outcomes for certain outcomes such as in pain control, cognitive-behavioral therapy for certain phobias physical therapy, distraction, and PTSD. Others have been in the front line in medical training.

Researchers have high hopes that Virtual Reality will eventually aid the public and students in managing resuscitations and improving skills while performing invasive processes.  Virtual Reality technology is already used fully for colonoscopy training and laparoscopic surgery.

Recently, there have been thousands of trials using VR and have been published in clinical trials, medical purposes, training, psychiatry rehabilitation medicine, among others. Several medical schools have made – sophisticated changes to anatomy curriculum. By use of Virtual Reality displays and glasses from zspace that allows manipulation of anatomy models.

Research has often shown benefits to both students and patients. They are used in preparation for major surgeries using Virtual Reality or using other technologies in the management of trauma and in resuscitating procedures. The studies are minimal in this case, as this technology is still growing and very expensive.

Virtual Reality can also be certainly used through cardboard oculus, and the upcoming headset has become more than just entertainment devices. In some areas, Google gasses are polarizing Virtual Reality headsets have remained isolated, but with Virtual Reality, it has made supporters who have tried these applications for education, and certain procedures tend to spread their experience. Therefore this makes to have a bright future in the long run as Virtual Reality is used in medicine.

Virtual Reality has also been used in with a certain app known as ELEMENT 4D. This has helped to bring chemical elements to the students. Lecturers can, therefore, print out several cubes that represent elements. The student can then hold them on their iPad sand can see how the element looks like when in its natural form on their Ipad screen. The students can then push them further as they can use these elements to form new substances. The student, in this case, can able to touch H2 blocks and oxygen blocks thus they can see water virtually form with cubes

In the 1990s, certain companies started making stereoscopic Virtual Reality games and movies such as lawnmower men. They were advancing concepts by gaining abilities seeking escape through technology. Powerful gear, the public has failed Virtual Reality in large numbers. The virtual boy also failed while sega Virtual Reality never made it to the market. The rise of web smartphone mobile phone has not taken a back seat

The interactive nature of Virtual Reality spur a great desire for further exploration;  thus, it is not a secret that teachers have continued to connect VR with the digital world. The same area does very well in creating virtual content. Students aren’t just using VR and AR content.

They are also developing it as they are learning important technological skills in the process. AR is used to enhance presentations. In one of the project’s student did though research all over the world and them able to design a house that they created using 3d printers and came out awesome

During this project, they are able to record themselves. They used Aurasma to hook up the video to their residence and creating an old-school board. When a scan was done to the students’ home using an app, the student video would pop up and deliver information.

When the Google expedition launched an app that allowed both teachers and students were able to create their own Augmented reality experience. Using this AR expedition, they were able to use AR technology to map the physical lecture room and place 3d objects. Most devices and apps for Virtual Reality most of the focus on entertainment purposes; nevertheless, it wasn’t at all times this way.

A group of students developed a virtual map of their school that fire personnel and police used on their simulation and training procedures or in response to any emergency. Others developed a Virtual Reality environment in which students with special needs would apply whenever they would react to a fire alarm or any other emergency in class. There is also another group that came up with a Virtual Reality game that taught the public on hunting safety.

Knowledge of how to develop Virtual Reality 3D environments gave kids an advantage. If you want to pursue a career in technology, it is recommended that you should take Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality technology as part of the coursework. In this case, you can explore virtual reality. If you want to pursue technology or science, it is important to learn AR or VR technology, as it can be used to explore Virtual Reality environments. They can use Google expeditions in their classwork.