Lenney Leong is a young entrepreneur who founded Get Customers, a digital advertising agency. Times have changed drastically within the past couple of decades and he recognizes that word of mouth and ads in the news papers are no longer enough for a company to successfully market themselves which is why he used his skills in the marketing field to create this company. Lenney’s first venture began at 17 when he started a cooking academy. He takes great pride in this part of his life since even at such a young age he was able to create a video in half a day and it has generated over 7.2 million views as well as over 48,000 shares. Beginning his venture was very scary for him but thankfully in the end it paid off and Lenney moved on to Get Customers and a MamasFuel, a lactation cookie business.

 As of recent Lenney has helped over 100+ different local and oversea businesses with their brand management and marketing. Lenney genuinely wants his customers to make the switch to the new generation of marketing and build a successful brand. A lot of his preachings about how to transition over is online and can be found very easily. Large media companies have sat down with Lenney to listen to what he had to say about running a successful business and being a successful entrepreneur. 

Lenny can turn any old fashioned stubborn company who refuses change into a modern successful company with things like SEO and SEM. Being a modern entrepreneur means being able to study modern search engines in order to ensure that the search engines are efficiently directing potential customers towards your website. With the many different selling platforms available, it is also important to use affiliate marketing which attracts many more customers and creates stronger relationships. It is also a good idea to outsource your work and receive coaching from more experienced individuals. With all the new and different ways of doing marketing, Lenney suggests that  dedicated entrepreneurs take up blogging in order to improve their connection to the public as well as build trust. In place of traditional advertising, Email and Social Media Marketing stands. As dated as Email marketing seems it is still considered a very effective way to advertise and reach your desired audience. Social media marketing is the bread and butter of modern day marketing. In today’s world it is crucial that every entrepreneur has a successful social media network since most ads occur through social media and it is nearly impossible to reach a large audience without it. 


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