Jewelry Etiquette Every Woman Should Know

Woman love to wear the jewelry on different occasion to enhance their overall look. There are different trends that people follow to look good and elegant at the same time. The important thing to remember is that there they have to look for the proper attire and jewelry to stand out from crowd.

If you are not aware of the etiquette of jewelry, then this blog is for you:

1-Daily Routine Jewelry  

It is important to note that the few pieces of jewelry are acceptable in almost every cases. For the married folks, one of the best things is the wedding band. Moving on, if you want to keep track of time, then you should not use your cell phone for that primary purpose. Wristwatch is acceptable in every case. You can also wear a keepsake necklace all the time without any problem.

2-Party Jewelry

Planning to go on a party or going to hang with your friend? If you love to wear clanging bangles and blinding bling, then this is the right time to wear it. You should not forget that the jewelry you are going to wear should grab all the attention. The accessories should not overshadow your personality.

3-Office Jewelry

Most of the woman don’t want wear the jewelry when going to office. It is important that you select the jewelry that is not noisy or distracting. Note that you can show up your individuality and you should not wear anything that might offend your higher-end clients.

Below are some of the dos and don’ts that you need to keep in mind when wearing or selecting the office jewelry designs:

  • If you are working in a conservative office, you can wear stud earring or small hoops if they are not that much brightened or make noise when you are walking.
  • In a conservative office, you can stick to stud earring that will look good with your outfits.
  • If you are working in a more creative office space, then large earrings can be good option. You should select the jewelry that is not too noisy because all the people around are working and they need proper concentration.
  • There is no need to blind your co-worker with the extra-large rhinestones. You can use such flashy jewelry after the office hours.
  • You should not wear any kind of noisy bracelet in your office. Stacking bangles will make noise when you will be using the keyboard in your office and this will disturb the other person sitting near you.
  • If you like to wear noisy or bright jewelry, then you should wear it after hours.

4-Formal Events

Formal event is the right time to show how elegant you can look. More importantly, this is the best time to wear the best jewelry as per your choice. It will be good for you to select one piece of jewelry with the best feature. For instance, if you are wearing hair in an updo, then you need to show your high cheekbones and stunning jawline with the sunning crystals or diamond earrings. Remember that the statement necklace will bring the eye of the audience to your face.

You must understand one thing that the jewelry purpose is to accessorize your outfits. If you are wearing too much jewelry on a formal event, then this will distract your overall look.

Some of the jewelry recommendation for the formal jewelry are as follows:

  • There is no need to overwhelm your appearance by wearing too much jewelry.
  • You need to pull out the diamond, pearls, and other precious stones for the formal event.
  • You should select one statement pieces and should downplay the rest of your jewelry.
  • There is no need to wear oversized piece.
  • You can wear a set for formal function but ensure that there is not much matching.

5-Old Vs New Rules

Below are some of the rules you need to consider:

  • One old rule is that you should mix metals. You can combine silver, gold, copper, or any metal you have.
  • There is no need to mix the real gemstones with the faux stones. You can mix things as per your desire.
  • Previously, women were told to wear ring in ring finger unless it is wedding band or engagement ring. But now women can wear it on any fingers.
  • Matching sets were like previously but now matching all the things is not accepted.

Hopefully, now you are aware of all the etiquette of jewelry. You need to keep the above points in mind when you are wearing the gold or artificial jewelry on different occasions.