9 Tips for Using a Portable Vaporizer for the First Time


It’s no secret that many people are enslaved to certain vices, and you’ll agree that cigarettes are among the first in place. Nicotine from cigarettes creates an addiction that is very difficult to get rid of. In order to completely abandon bad habits, people are ready for any experiments. One of them is buying an electronic cigarette as a valuable alternative to smoking. The main constructive part of this progressive device is the smoking vaporizer.

Vaporization can be defined as the act of inhaling water vapor through a personal vaporizer (evaporator).

Vaporization is named after the use of vaporizers. The procedure involves applying heat to a liquid or herbal substance that generates steam. The vaporized steam user obtains his desired dose through the vaporization of purified aroma-rich steam.

Vaporization is an alternative to smoking. In principle, the feeling is the same as smoking, but it is far less harmful because there is no combustion that releases harmful gases and tar, so getting cancer and other diseases caused by smoking is kept to a minimum. In addition, there is no unpleasant odor and bad breath, as well as dirty ashtrays or burns from the grill. If you are using a vaporizer for the first time, there are some things you need to know.

Choose a quality device


Choose a quality vaporizer, because it is a device that can do a lot of damage and even catch fire if it is not of good quality. It is best to buy proven manufacturers. Vaporizers have several different designs and colors and are mostly made of high-quality plastic combined with metal. You can find more about it if you click here.

But also liquid

There are liquids of different aromas and strengths so that everyone will find what suits them. Of course, here too it is important to pay attention to the manufacturer as well as to the composition of the liquid itself.

MTL or DL vaporizing?

It is important to know that there are two types of these small appliances. ML (Mouth-to-lung) is most similar to consuming classic cigarettes and the steam goes directly to the lungs. The second type is DL (Direct lung) and these are devices that consume more liquid and create large clouds of steam. It is very similar to using shisha.

Preparation for first use


When using it for the first time, it is necessary to prepare the vaporizer for proper use in order to avoid a burning taste. You first need to put a few drops of liquid in the middle of the heater to soak the cotton in the liquid, then fill the atomizer with liquid, immerse the heater, and wait 10 minutes before first use. This way you will feel the real taste. Make sure the battery is charged. Then fill the liquid into the appropriate part (filter, tank, atomizer, cartomizer, clearomizer …) and screw on the battery. Inhale and enjoy!

Regular charging

With the vaporizer, you will also get a charger and you need to charge it regularly, just like a mobile phone. After some time of use, the light will start flashing to indicate that it is time to charge.


Nothing in this world is eternal. Each part of the vaporizer has its own shelf life and it is necessary to change it from time to time. Battery life is approximately 300 charges, and how much the heater will serve you the most depends on yourself or the intensity of use.

It is healthier

We still haven’t said it’s healthy, but it’s definitely a healthier variant than cigarettes. In addition, you do not poison the people around you because it is known that cigarette smoke ends up in the lungs of non-smokers. Smoking is harmful to health. And not only for the smoker, but also for the environment. Tobacco combustion produces almost 4,000 chemical compounds that a smoker or someone close to him inhales. Hundreds of these compounds are harmful to health, about 50 of them are caused by cancer. There is no smoke in vaporizers because steam is actually released, not smoke.

Can these devices help smokers quit smoking?

Vaporizers are often used by smokers who try to quit smoking. There are some studies that have shown that e-cigarettes can be used to help quit smoking, but there is a lack of evidence on whether they work as well as established methods. Research shows that most adults buy e-cigarettes to quit smoking.

Use in public places


It is a real pain for smokers that in most countries smoking is not allowed indoors. The good news is that e-cigarettes are not subject to the Law on the Prohibition of Smoking in Public Places, so you can use them even where it is forbidden to use ordinary cigarettes (cafes, restaurants, public transport …).

E-cigarettes allow the replacement of nicotine from regular cigarettes while avoiding a number of other, proven toxic, harmful factors found in regular cigarettes, and also have a beneficial effect on other elements of smoking addiction such as oral stimulation, manual contact, and the like , which is absent in some other forms of replacement such as nicotine patches, chewing gum and so on.

The use of e-cigarettes is becoming increasingly popular around the world, which contributes to the way use and perception of users about their efficiency and safety. However, the fact is that so far there is not enough evidence to support the view that these devices effective and safe in long-term use for smoking cessation. Therefore, smokers smoking cessation should certainly be advised, but preference should still be given to pharmacological therapy and psychosocial counseling.

Given the relatively recent advent of e-cigarettes, evidence of its impact on the development of many diseases, especially malignant ones, will not be available for years or even decades; however, evidence-based on the evaluation of chemical compounds in aerosol solutions and aerosols indicates the potential cytotoxicity of some solutions (concentration and number of different flavors in solution), which should cause concern and caution for the use of e-cigarettes in pregnant women.