10 tips to quit smoking

10 tips to quit smoking
10 tips to quit smoking

If you want to quit smoking permanently, you can make small lifestyle changes that can help you resist the temptation to light your cigarette.

Stay positive!

You may have tried to quit smoking before and you haven’t, but don’t let that put you off.

Think back to what you have learned from your experience and think about how you are really going to do it this time.

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Create an action plan to quit smoking

For this you can promise yourself, set a date and hold to it. Stabbing to the “not a single puff” rule can help you a lot.

Whenever you find yourself in trouble, say to yourself, “It solves my life expectancy of 7 minutes,” and stick with it until the cravings pass.

Think in advance of when it might be difficult (a party, for example) and plan ahead for complicated times and possible ways to get rid of any addictive thoughts.

Think about your diet

Your favorite after-dinner cigarette? A recent study found that certain foods, including meat, make cigarettes more satisfying.

Others, such as cheese, fruits, and vegetables, make cigarettes very bad. So swap your usual steak or burger for a vegetarian pizza. Especially the health benefits of fruits and vegetables are countless so try to change meat with them.

You may also want to change your routine during or after mealtimes. Getting up and doing the dishes right away or settling in a non-smoking room can help.

Change your drink

This same study also looked at drinks. Soft drinks, alcohol, cola, tea, and coffee improve the taste of cigarettes.

So when you are outside, drink more water and juice. Some people find that the simple change of drink (for example, switching from wine to vodka and tomato juice) affects their need to light a cigarette.

Identify when you most want a cigarette

A desire to smoke can last 5 minutes. Before giving up, make a 5-minute list of strategies.

For example, you can leave the party for a minute, go to the bar or dance.

And think about this: the combination of smoking and alcohol increases the risk of oral cancer by 38 times.

Seek support

If friends or family members also want to quit smoking, suggest that you quit together.

You can also get help from your local smoking cessation service. Did you know that you are up to 4 times more likely to successfully quit smoking with the help and advice of their experts?

Get some exercise!

A scientific study has shown that exercise, even a 5-minute walk or stretch, reduces cravings and can help your brain produce endorphins (anti-relapse).

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