Unika Stenhus – The Best Architectural Firm For Building Sustainable & Durable Houses

If we are to quote one name that stands out prominent among architectural firms in Sweden, then that would have to be Unika Stenhus. The firm was created in 1973 by an architect, Ola Torrång who introduced the concept of sustainable houses in Sweden.

The idea of a sustainable house he brought to the country was basically inspired by Japanese housing designs. These designs portray ecological consciousness and simplicity in their built.

Therefore, Ola Torrång wanted to build the same type of houses in Sweden that will not only leave a lesser impact on the environment but they are also efficiently built. Thus, this is how one of the famous architectural firms of today came into the picture.

In this article, we will tell you more about other reasons that make this firm one of the best in the country, and some might say even in the world.

Efficient Energy conservation

The firm believes in providing its customers with better solutions to make their lives easy. And what better way to do it than building a comfortable and efficient house for them?

Their houses are highly energy conservant which means that the walls store day heat that is released later during the night, but in a moderate way so as to maintain a balanced temperature throughout the day.

The house also has a ceiling dome that allows enough amount of light during the day, ultimately reducing your electricity use and thus bills. The dome also provides good ventilation.

Easy Customization

If you are someone who believes in changing the look of the house every now and then and go for bigger renovations of the house, then Ola’s houses are definitely for you.

Thanks to their extensive use of light partition walls instead of load-bearing partition walls and no use of roof trusses, the renovation can be done without any big hassle.

The house also has strategically installed windows that add to the overall comfort and look of the house.

Other than this, the house has numerous recessed spaces on the walls that can be used as shelves for books or showpieces, TV racks, etc. A nicely built alcove that can be used as a place for meditation or an aesthetic sitting place.

Hence, the designing of the house, be it in the form of walls or mapping, everything can be customized to your needs and likes.


Since Unique Stenhus firm builds houses of concrete, their houses provide longer durability and are fairly long lasting. They can easily withstand the harshness of the environment.


Moreover, the concrete houses provide a myriad of benefits but do not become a burden on your pocket. You can afford them at the most reasonable prices.

And, since concrete walls are solid and thick, it acts as great soundproof material against airborne noises. Thanks to this, you can easily enjoy your own time in a quiet room without worrying about all the chit chat noises going in the lounge or living space.

If you are looking to get in touch with Unique Stenhus, go to the link www.unikastenhus.se and have your dream house built into reality!