Ultra Wideband Chipset Market to Reach US$ 31 Mn By 2030

UWB Technology Scales in COVID-19 Contact Tracing and Social Distancing Applications

The ultra wideband (UWB) technology is proving to be beneficial in COVID-19 (coronavirus) contact tracing and social distancing applications. This technology is helping countries to prevent the spread of the infection. The ultra wideband chipset market is projected to expand at a favorable CAGR of ~6% during the forecast period. Real-time measurement of location and distance with the help of the ultra wideband technology is anticipated to contribute toward the exponential growth of the market post the pandemic.

UWB is being highly publicized for its high accuracy in contact tracing amidst the COVID-19 outbreak. Companies in the ultra wideband chipset market are increasing awareness about other broad applications such as secure keyless entry to cars, improvement of operational efficiencies in factories, and locating essential supplies in hospitals.

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Companies Unlock Revenue Streams in Controlling Forklifts and Robots in Warehouses

The ultra wideband technology is prominent in smartphones. The U1 chip inclusion in iPhone 12 has grabbed the attention of smartphone companies, which enables to precisely locate other U1-equipped Apple devices for file exchange via AirDrop. The UWB technology is being used for spatial awareness in order to prioritize devices for faster file transfer. Companies in the ultra wideband chipset market are increasing their research pertaining to military applications to excel in asset tracking and monitoring.

Apart from smartphones and smart home devices, companies in the ultra wideband chipset market are unlocking value-grab opportunities in control of forklifts and robots in warehouses. The UWB technology is anticipated to become cheap in the upcoming years, and will help in tracking sports players and animals. Other broad applications such as indoor navigation in large buildings are helping to expand revenue streams.

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Unmatched Accuracy in Contact Tracing Helps Overcome UWB’s Short Range Drawback

The ultra wideband chipset market is expected to reach a revenue of US$ 31 Mn by the end of 2030. However, many individuals have reported that the technology’s short range is a major drawback, which is emerging as a hurdle in its commercialization. Hence, companies in the ultra wideband chipset market are increasing awareness about using devices in the same room to overcome short-range challenges. Advantages such as accurate context aware information and indoor location & positioning tend to offset UWB’s disadvantages.

UWB is gaining popularity for providing precise analytics in real time. However, UWB is being compared to Bluetooth, geofencing, and NFC (near field communication). Although these wireless technologies have their advantages, unique advantages of UWB such as unmatched accuracy in contact tracing and low power radio protocol are bolstering market growth.

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Popular 4z Standard Facilitates Highly Secure Mobile, Financial, and Access Transactions

Next-gen UWB chipsets are drawing the roadmap for mobile transaction security. Decawave— a developer of UWB-based semiconductor solutions, is gaining increased recognition for introducing its new chipsets that comply with the new IEEE 802.15.4z (4z) standard for power reduction in automotive and mobile applications. Companies in the ultra wideband chipset market are increasing the availability of products that support the 8 GHz band (Channel 9) standard, thus enabling worldwide operation.

The growing need for high precision and high security in location awareness is acting as a key driver for the ultra wideband chipset market. The popular 4z standard is facilitating highly secure mobile, financial, and access transactions. With the help of precise location services, users can avoid risks of malicious attacks, while conducting wireless payments.

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