Take advantage of the total efficiency of the Hostway Enterprise platform
Strict separation of different customers for the protection of your data
Duplication of all data in real-time across multiple systems within our storage infrastructure
Flexible storage with highly available central memory allows you to set up scalable environments without costly investments for your storage solution!
The uk server colocation data center is the basis of our efficient and reliable solutions.
Loadbalancing – For more speed and free resources!
Reduce response times for your applications by distributing requests across multiple systems
Improve the availability of your services
Free your systems from heavy resource tasks by programming SSL connections on our Loadbalancers.

In case you need more features, such as the Layer7-Filter, you can integrate the dedicated Loadbalancing solution and have it fully monitored by our staff as well as have it administered.
If a lot of static content, such as images or HTML pages from an online store, is made available to Internet users, web servers can quickly reach their limits and deliver late. We have developed “Content Caching” for you to unload your servers and reduce download times.
Data is cached for this purpose on an optimized cheap colocation
Requests are directly reposted without cluttering your server
You can, through content caching, process up to 10 times more requests with your existing infrastructure and thus significantly improve the visits of Internet users.
Backup – secure data
Regularly secure payload data or even perform full backups of entire virtual machines.
Simple backups, such as by FTP via a managed backup service to Disaster-Recovery solutions.
All backups are stored in a separate fire zone on a highly reliable backup infrastructure.
Even in a fully redundant environment like the Hostway Enterprise platform, backups are essential and essential for your business continuity management.
The decisive advantage compared to classic failover scenarios going to two locations in the UK colocation is the availability of responsible personnel, directly on the premises, to ensure de-escalation in the short term. A risky telephone de-escalation on the administrator’s side by Remote Hands or by colocation UK is therefore not necessary.

Content Delivery Network
Ideal when static content to be quickly made available worldwide.
These contents are cached on more than 15 sites in the world and the fastest site for the delivery of static content is used dynamically according to the user’s resid. With the Content Delivery Network, the downloading time of your content can be reduced considerably to a level of global presence.
Rackspace colocation of the data center can be used from two cross-sectional fire sections.
VPN – for your security
Our VPN solution gives you the possibility of realizing access to your systems via encrypted connections. Whether you want to provide management access to your server or want to allow large numbers of employees to secure access to one of your internal systems, you will find the right solution with a VPN.