The colocation of a data center is a turnkey solution to optimize the IT infrastructure. In fact, by outsourcing part or all of the IT infrastructure, you gain flexibility, efficiency, reliability, and cost. If you are looking for a reference partner, UK server colocation provides you with the necessary tools and a team with high added value to support you in real-time.
The advantages of data center colocation
The roommate in a data center is part of the means that enable companies to have a huge IT infrastructure in which each will rent the space they need to store or archive its data and to set up computer networks or communication that she needs in the context of coll her activities.
The roommate is usually adopted by companies facing rapid growth in the volume of data they have to manage, but also by those infrastructures that are underutilized and prefer to outsource this service to reduce costs.
Thanks to 1u colocation pricing in a data center, companies benefit from increased flexibility since they can increase or decrease their storage area according to their needs and thus rationalize their IT expenses. At the same time, they also benefit from modern infrastructures, often much more secure than their premises and which also provide them with better bandwidth and increased reliability thanks to the redundancy of the systems.
They also save on human resources, in particular, because they no longer need to employ full-time IT technicians or engineers.colocation UK is, therefore, the best storage or back-up solution for many medium-sized companies or large financial companies for example.
Telehouse, a reliable provider for colocation of data centers
colocation UK has more than 25 years of experience in colocation with 42 data centers around the world. Our neutral Rackspace colocation offers you complete freedom in choosing your ISP or telecom operator. Our infrastructures have modern electrical and cooling systems and are monitored 24 hours a day, thus guaranteeing total security for your data.
Whether you are a growing SME / SMI or a large international group, our teams are at your disposal for a personalized study of your needs to allocate you the optimal surface, from a quarter of bay up to several hundred square meters.
Telehouse’s field of expertise
Cheap colocation is renowned for being the essential data center provider thanks to international representation. Telehouse is a provider of independent colocation data centers secured by extremely efficient devices. Telehouse’s specialty is dedicated or shared IT hosting for companies regardless of their profession. Telehouse has several data centers of superior technological quality. Telehouse operates in colocation, in addition to its Ile-de-France centers, all certified, other centers around the world. We assure you of high-performance equipment and services, so trust Telehouse.