Given the requirements in terms of connectivity and data management, the Cloud provider must have an efficient data center and all the necessary IT installations corresponding to its expectations.UK server colocation offers you the equipment and supports you will need to ensure the proper functioning of your IS.
Data centers for cloud providers, support adapted to their needs
The data center for Cloud providers is a complete infrastructure that already includes both the physical part and the software part necessary for the implementation of an IS on Cloud. It is delivered with all the appropriate connections and communication tools and adapted air conditioning systems and physical and IT security systems.

Thanks to the presence of a large number of suppliers in the same place, companies can compete at leisure to obtain the best performance at the best price, have redundancy and therefore increase their resilience.
Telehouse offers an international network of data centers for cloud providers
Telehouse operates data centers for independent cloud providers in colocation UK. Its sites are characterized by a very high level of protection ensured by various extremely sophisticated and powerful hardware and software devices which allows you to offer in return the maximum security to your customers.
1u colocation pricing data centers are of the latest generation, which means that they use the latest and most advanced technologies to meet the most advanced technical specifications.
Located in the Paris region, its data centers also guarantee security, broadband, and the speed with which your data is made available and your applications run.
Do not limit yourself to a French clientele. Telehouse makes you benefit from an international network because in addition to its Ile-de-France sites, it co-operates with dozens of other data centers for Cloud providers in the main capitals of the world.
Rackspace colocation offers dedicated or shared accommodation formulas intended to meet the needs of companies in all fields of activity. Thanks to a wide range of flexible services and the constant implementation of innovative services, cheap colocation ensures you a rapid adaptation according to the evolution of your needs.
Looking for a data center provider? Choose Telehouse
Telehouse is renowned for being the essential data center provider thanks to this international coverage. Outsource your accommodation to Telehouse, a provider of independent colocation data centers characterized by a high level of security. Telehouse’s job is dedicated or shared IT hosting for companies regardless of their sector of activity. Telehouse provides its customers with a modern datacenter pool. Telehouse is increasing its capacity with colocation data centers based around the world. We make you benefit from high-end equipment and services, in this case trust Telehouse