5 Great Reasons To Make Golf Your Sport Of Choice

Golf Your Sport Of Choice

For countless decades, golfing has stayed among the planet’s most-played sports. If you are already into the game of golf, you can check out exclusive offers and deals from top golf resorts all over the world on Algarve Golf Holidays. If you are not yet into the sport, I bet that will change when you finish reading this article.

Why Should You Make Golf Your Sport Of Choice?

Golfing is one of the most played sports in the world. Research has shown that playing golf has a lot of benefits. So, why is golf such a popular sport, and why should you make it your game of choice? You will find out the reasons in this post.

Here are five great reasons to make golf your sport of choice: 

  • It is a social sport and a breath of fresh air

Sporting activities that get you outside are beneficial to you. Golfing is one of such activities. It is an outdoor sport. When you start playing golf, you are going to be spending a considerable amount of your time outside. One vital benefit you would derive from it is you will get more Vitamin D from sunlight in your body. It would then boost your immune systems and also encourages cell growth (particularly in children) as well as bone development. Another benefit is that you get to enjoy nature at its peak as most golf courses are created near mountains and scenic lakes. 

  • It improves your level of concentration

Hand-eye coordination is crucial in the game of golf. It makes golf a sport that teaches you focus, accuracy, and attention. This sport also helps you to be more creative because you have to visualize and have the foresight of where your shot would go and how far it would go. 

  • It improves your thinking capacity 

The benefits of golf are more than just physical. Golfing is an active pastime that requires blood to be pumped to your brain. Extensive research has shown that playing golf increases your thinking capacity. Repeated swings will improve your muscle memory while navigating the course will give you a greater sense of depth and distance. 

  • It helps relieve stress and help you burn more calories

Golfing is a way to channel your stress and tension into something more productive. Golfing, like other exercises, would release endorphins, which reduce the feelings of pain and depression and improves your mood. Golfing is also the best choice of games for you if you wish to lose more calories faster. The activities involved in golf, such as swinging, putting, and a lot of walking around, would help burn calories and fat.  

  • It is a less risky sport

In golf sports, serious injury is less likely. Though there is no physical activity that comes with zero risks of injury. However, in golf, the risk of sustaining an injury is minimal as compared to other sports. You might experience some muscle issues, but it can be minimized by maintaining a good posture when playing.


According to the ‘Spirit of golf foundation,’ golf has been around for over 400 years. It is here to stay because of its numerous benefits, some of which we have discussed in this article. If you are still not convinced as to why you should make golf your sport of choice, you can check out additional benefits of playing golf here