Turning Our Money into Cryptocurrency Is the Purpose of WEWE

WEWE Global is the name of a project that is increasingly recognised in the cryptocurrency sector. It is a platform that provides services for the use of cryptocurrencies. At the moment, it accepts Bitcoin: in the future, when the interface will be in the form of an application, we’ll be able to see the acceptance of Altcoins too.

Think of WEWE Global as the meeting point between lovers of cryptocurrencies and services that accept cryptocurrencies in payment. A successful match.

Today, using cryptocurrencies is certainly still not common. When we hear about them, we often hear about gains, returns, and explosive growth. And we also still hear from those who consider cryptocurrencies to be a speculative bubble. Here, the debate is different, because these are cryptocurrencies as a medium of exchange, showing what they are: currencies.

The world is moving increasingly towards digital money, consisting of numbers on a screen, of credit cards. Cash use is increasingly limited, and will tend to disappear, in favour of governments and banks, which have found a way to protect themselves from illegal activities, which are often transacted in cash. Despite this transition to digital, for most people only what can be touched remains true, and in money if it is not a banknote, then it is not real.

Cryptocurrencies however are still advancing. When they were born, with Bitcoin, eleven years ago, they were a revolution, a “kick to the system”. Then, they transformed, or rather, we transformed them. They are not a tool that is good or bad; what is important is the use we make of them.

Bitcoin has gone through lots of stages: first a revolution for freedom, then an instrument to facilitate illegal business, then an investment with incredible returns, then a bubble for deluded dreamers, then real money. Bitcoin, objectively, is a symbol of value, and even if we cannot touch it, we can use it to obtain objects that we can touch and services that help us in our lives. But it is not easy, because cryptocurrencies are not an accepted currency for the most.

The aim of WEWE Global is to make Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies usable, so we can use them to buy what we need. It acts as an advertising billboard for companies and projects that accept cryptocurrencies in payment. WEWE has a community of people from all over the world who welcome crypto. Now the most prominent sector on their website is the hotel and travel sector.

Its ecosystem of services aims to earn as it takes a slice every time someone uses its services. As a service developer, it is not unusual: what amazed us about WEWE Global is that it distributes part of its share to users of their ecosystem, as a way of thanking them and encouraging them to share services with new users.

This approach has created a lot of hype around the publication of the WEWE Global app, which will be released this year, and which will be the cornerstone of its service. A service-packed app where people can deposit their cryptocurrencies, and finally use them to travel, buy goods, and make transactions.

Let’s keep following WEWE and its amazing project: has the app that will revolutionize the cryptocurrency sector finally arrived? We will find out soon.