The golden teacher or emperor first appeared in the 1980s. However, sufficient information is unavailable regarding its origin. It got its name due to the following 2 features –

  • Golden colored caps.
  • Spiritual powerful teacher.

Needless to say, the metabolism and physiology of every individual are different. So, how you react to psilocybin depends on your environment, brain chemistry, body size and emotional state.

Due to these factors, a newbie should select a safe, comfortable and familiar place for his ride. Moreover, have someone near you for handling its side effects.

If you are searching for something lighter, then try golden teacher instead of penis envy mushrooms.

Features of golden teacher –

No doubt in this, golden teacher is the best psychedelic gift of nature. Due to their unique features, they can be easily distinguished from other varieties of psilocybin. Take a look at some of its priceless characteristics.

  • Large golden caps
  • Yellow speckles
  • Large sturdy stems
  • Taller than above 5 inches
  • Cap diameter of more than 2 inches
  • Easy bruising

Unlike others, it’s super hardy structure makes it easier for cultivating. Furthermore, it is capable to grow under insufficient ideal conditions. Take a look at some general dosing guidelines of the golden teacher.

Microdose .25 grams or less, low-dose .25-1-gram, moderate dose 1-2.5 grams, high dose 2-2.5 grams and heroic dose more than 5 grams.

Effects of golden teacher –

The golden teacher is perfect for the newbies because they provide high psychedelic effects. Besides trips, they are also known for their spiritual effects and shamanistic properties.

While consuming them, they connect you to nature and provides a feeling of enlightenment.

How to wisely use golden teacher –

For making your trip memorable, prepare yourself mentally and physically in advance. Consider these factors for having the best experience.

Health –The minimum age for using marijuana is 18 years. However, the maturity of individual matters. So, it is suggested to try the product after 21 years. Furthermore, try it when you are in good mental and physical condition. For safety and security, have an experienced person with you while trying it.

Food and drinks – For best effects, try the product on empty stomach. Consume it 2 hours after your last meal and wait for 20-60 minutes for noticing its effects.

Surroundings – Take mushrooms according to your wish and have your trusted people around you. Switch off your phone, doorbell and enjoy the product in a quiet environment. They are not recommended for festivals, parties and concert halls.

Note– Before enjoying your product make sure, how to contact your local emergency services.

Final thoughts –

The golden experience of a golden teacher depends on the body mass of the consumer. It is available in various categories. For example – chocolates, gummies, edibles, dried shrooms and tea.

For a lot more varieties, order the product online. Besides, various products, online dispensaries offer numerous other perks. Such as – various payment options, discounts, coupon codes, customer service, security and many more.


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