Top programming languages for Android app developers?

Mobile apps are a vital piece of our day by day lives. They can be utilized to make associations, acquire data, or simply have a great time! And keeping in mind that making an app is likewise fun, it requires somewhat more direction, explicitly in picking the correct programming language.

That is the reason this article gives you the list of top programming languages for Android app developers. From top utilized language to the most popular one, it helps you pick the best one for your project.

Let’s get started: 

  • Java 

Java is the official language for Android app development and thus, it is the most utilized language also. A considerable lot of the applications in the Play Store are worked with Java and it is likewise the most upheld language by Google. 

Notwithstanding this, Java has an extraordinary online network for help if there should arise an occurrence of any issues. Be that as it may, Java is a confusing language for a novice to use as it contains complex themes like constructors, invalid pointer special cases, simultaneousness, checked exemptions, and so on.

Additionally, The Android Software Development Kit(SDK) expands the intricacy to another level! With everything taken into account, Java is an incredible language to encounter the full delights of Android App Development.

In any case, it might be somewhat mind-boggling with fledglings who might like to begin with something simpler and afterward come back to it. 

  • Kotlin 

Kotlin is a cross-stage programming language that might be utilized as an option in contrast to Java for Android App Development. It has additionally been presented as an auxiliary “official” Java language in 2017. Kotlin can interoperate with Java and it runs on the Java Virtual Machine. 

The main sizable contrast is that Kotlin expels the unnecessary highlights of Java, for example, invalid pointer exemptions. It additionally expels the need of complete each line with a semicolon.

To put it plainly, Kotlin is a lot more straightforward for learners to attempt when contrasted with Java and it can likewise be utilized as a “section point” for Android App Development. 

  • C# 

C# is very like Java thus it is perfect for Android App Development. Like Java, C# likewise executes trash assortment so there are fewer odds of memory spills. Furthermore, C# additionally has cleaner and more straightforward punctuation than Java which makes coding with it relatively simpler. 

Prior, the greatest disadvantage of C# was that it could run distinctly on Windows frameworks as it utilized the .NET Framework. Nonetheless, this issue was overcome by Xamarin, which is a cross-stage execution of the Common Language Infrastructure.

Presently, Xamarin.Android apparatuses can be utilized to compose local Android applications and offer the code over different stages. 

  • Python 

Python can be utilized for Android App Development despite the fact that Android doesn’t bolster local Python improvement. This should be possible utilizing different apparatuses that convert the Python applications into Android Packages that can run on Android gadgets. 

A case of this is Kivy that is an open-source Python library utilized for creating portable applications. It bolsters Android and furthermore energizes quick application improvement (which is a success win circumstance as indicated by me!). Be that as it may, a drawback to this is there won’t be local advantages for Kivy as it isn’t locally bolstered. 

  • Corona 

Corona is a product advancement unit that can be utilized for creating Android applications utilizing Lua. It has two operational modes, to be specific Corona Simulator and Corona Native.

The Corona Simulator is utilized to construct applications legitimately while the Corona Native is utilized to coordinate the Lua code with an Android Studio task to manufacture an application utilizing local highlights. 

While Lua is somewhat restricted when contrasted with Java, it is additionally a lot more straightforward and has a simpler expectation to absorb information. Besides, there is work in an adaptation that includes just as different resources and modules that enhance the application improvement experience. 

  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript 

Android applications can be made utilizing HTML, CSS, and JavaScript utilizing the Adobe PhoneGap structure that is fueled by Apache Cordova. The PhoneGap structure essentially permits the utilization of development abilities to make cross-platform applications.

While the Adobe PhoneGap system is sufficient for fundamental assignments in the domain of Android App Development, it scarcely requires a lot of programming aside from JavaScript.

Furthermore, since it needs a great deal of work to try and make a conventional application, it is smarter to utilize different dialects in this rundown on the off chance that you need to be known as a genuine Android engineer. 


There are several apps in every major category such as music and entertainment, media streaming, games, and many more. These languages can help you build the most dynamic and user-friendly apps. A mobile app development company is well-versed with the latest technology stack. So, you will get all the tools for your project when take initiative with them.