Top Eight movies to watch on Netflix


Netflix is ​​gaining more subscribers every day throughout the world where its video ondemand service is available. However, its catalog is so vast that sometimes we sit in front of the smart TV with the remote control in hand or go through the lists of movies on our mobile phones without knowing which movie is really worth watching. We want to help you with our Netflix recommendations, so you don’t have to waste time and choose a good movie from our list.

People coming and Bah

Bah is a successful architect who has everything in life until she discovers that her boyfriend cheats on her with a presenter and they fire him from work. The young woman is forced to return to her hometown, where a less uncertain future awaits her.

Lost girls

One of the best Netflix movies to watch on the occasion of Mother’s Day. A true reflection of what a mother is willing to do for her daughter. The protagonist is Mari Gilbert, whose daughter has disappeared. Given the inaction of the police, he decides to start an investigation on his own.

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Knock Knock

A comedy film starring well-known Spanish actors and actresses: Adrián Lastra, Paco León, Rossy de Palma. A group of OCD patients coincides in a psychologist’s office. As the doctor is late, they are forced to wait for him, trying to keep his hobbies, rituals, and obsessions at bay.


And finally, “Despite everything.” After their mother’s death, four sisters with completely different personalities discover that their father is not who they believed and decide to go in search of the truth.

Marriage story

A theater director and his wife, actress, struggle to overcome a divorce that takes them to the extreme both personally and creatively.

My Happy Family

Originally released at the 2017 Sundance Festival – and later acquired by Netflix for its own content catalog – this Georgia-produced film follows the story of Manana a 50-year-old woman who decides to leave home where she lives. together with her husband, children, and parents, to build a new life for her.

A film with a strong feminist story, in which a woman dares to challenge the religious canon with which a woman is forced to comply in that community.

The Irish

Frank Sheeran, World War II veteran, con artist, and hitman, remembers his involvement in the murder of Jimmy Hoffa. One of the country’s great mysteries: the disappearance of legendary union leader Jimmy Hoffa. A great journey through the murky intricacies of organized crime: its internal mechanisms, rivalries, and its connection to politics.

Beasts of no nation

After the civil war broke out in his country and destroyed his family, Agu, an African boy, is captured in the jungle by a rebel guerrilla faction. The NDF (Native Defense Forces) allows Agu to join his lines, where the little one ends up becoming a committed member of the militia.

Released in 2015, this film co-produced between Ghana and the United States was presented during the 72nd version of the Venice Film Festival, where it received the Marcello Mastroianni Award. He also had a presentation at the Toronto Festival the same year.

Was any of the best original Netflix movies missing from the list? Do you have any recommendations? We read all your suggestions if you leave them in the comments.