Malaysia based Nigerian artist D. Policy drops groovy new EP “Afro Map”

D. Policy

Having full confidence in his art and music, Malaysia-based-Nigerian singer, Obakpolor Esemuede D. Policy knew that he can contribute more to the music industry with his skills and talent. Starting as a background singer in a church, D. Policy never stopped dreaming of getting onto a bigger platform, which eventually led him to the beginning of his official career as a singer in 2017.

Policy launched his EP “Afro Map”, which consists of 8 astounding songs including, “Samba”, “JorJor”, Girl like You” and five others. All songs are beautifully self-written by D. Policy, except for “JorJor’, which is co-written by Darling Sabrina, one of the greatest DJs and vocalists in Malaysia. Each song of this EP is already winning the people’s hearts with amazing lyrics and even better music. All the 8 songs of “Afro Map” tell a story of its own, which makes this EP all the more special.

“Every song on this body of work is passing out a message to the world at large. So when I say AfroMap, I am revealing a whole lot of things for the world to see. So the map is for you to see these things clearly with my sound and message”, says D. Policy, telling more about his recent project “Afro Map”. D. Policy is the kind of artist that can dive into any genre because of his love for the diversity in music.

Policy’s career in music has been like a rollercoaster ride; there have been a lot of twists-and-turns, ups-and-downs, but D. Policy never for once thought of giving up on his passion- music. When he started singing officially in 2017, it was a difficult time for him as he was facing problems related to his throat, which used to pain every time he tried to sing or even talk. It went as far as doctors suggesting him to stop singing at all, but passion is above all the pain.


He kept on singing because his love for music was too strong to be forgotten. He says that he continued singing, and the pain eventually disappeared. “I am happy that I didn’t give up on my dream with that alone you can tell that I am focused and determined”, says D. Policy, telling about how he overcame such a hard time. This can be a huge inspiration for all those people who are facing likewise problems; giving up is never a solution.

He calls out onto his fans to tell them that they should do what they love the most and leave everything else on the process and in the end, everything will pay off, just the way you deserve it.

Listen to D. Policy’s EP on Apple Music.