Top 4 Board Shorts To Include in Your Wardrobe

Top 4 Board Shorts To Include in Your Wardrobe

Boardshorts are one of the most demanded outfits for men. It’s comfortable, affordable, and comes in a wide range of designs. Talking about the styles, the list of board shorts’ designs is never-ending. If you are looking to add some new board shorts to your wardrobe, let’s suggest some amazing options. Here in this article, we have listed a few popular and latest released board shorts for men that you can put on your shopping list.

Polynesian Boardshorts

If you are looking for classic black men’s boardshorts, this option is a perfect match. The Polynesian inspires the design of these boardshorts. For those who don’t know what Polynesian is, it’s a subregion of Oceania. These boardshorts reflect the lives, beliefs, and culture of Polynesians. 

Whether it’s a long gym session or just a night out, wearing this board short fills undefined energy inside the body. Polynesian Boardshorts is available in three premium color combinations that are black-white, black-red, and black-brown. The designs you see on these boardshorts are created under expert artists’ supervision so that you can wear something worth your money.

Fenrir Boardshorts

Inspired from Norse mythology, this board short is a must deserved outfit for your closet. When you see this short carefully, you’ll notice three characters or faces on the left or right leg side. Do you know what these faces look like? These are Fenrir, Hel, and World Serpent. All three of them are the children of Loki and Giantess Angrboða. If you have seen the documentary named Black Metal, you can relate to the designs. It’s a green theme short that will definitely look amazing on you. 

Talking about the price of this short, it varies from seller to seller. But if you are a budget shopper, you know how important it is to consider the outfit’s price. The average cost of buying this short is around $50-60. Most of the buyers have given this short more than four stars. So now you can guess yourself how amazing this short is?

Ares Boardshort

In Greek mythology, Ares is the GOD of War. If you are a big fan of the God of War game or movie, you will love this short. Made from 100 percent original poly-spandex stretch fabric, this board short is an ideal choice for gym wear. Fortunately, there are very few shades or colors that fit perfectly with the theme of this short. That is why you won’t see any color other than red available in this short. Because red is the color of war, and Ares is the god of it. Despite being the only available color, the popularity of these shorts is very high, especially among the fans of God of War. 

Although there is not a variety of colors, there is a wide variety of sizes and lengths. This short is mainly available in seven different sizes and two lengths (mostly 18 INCH and 21 INCH). The colors used in making these shorts are solid and last more than 20 washes. Plus, the fabric used to manufacture it is very soft, comfortable, and versatile. Unlike those cheap cotton made shorts, this one lasts for years. You can easily purchase this short for approximately $55-$60 on average.

Jaguar Warrior Boardshorts

Feel like a warrior by wearing these fabulous shorts. The Aztec inspires this short. If you don’t know what it is, don’t worry. Let’s explain it to you. Aztec is the term that refers to the people of ancient Mexico. In other words, this short reflects the culture and tradition of Mexico. These polyester shorts for men are available in three popular color combinations: golden-black, golden-red, and golden-green. This is a handcrafted short made using Poly-spandex. This material is the best alternative to cotton. It’s versatile, soft, durable, and lightweight.

Final Words

So these were some amazing board shorts for men that you can try. If you enjoy reading this blog, then do share it with all your friends and gym buddies. Help them to pick some fantastic boardshorts.