Top 3 Places to Sell your Custom Pet Portraits

It is not easy trying to sell anything, especially lucrative items to clients or people who are interested in your products when they find it’s expensive than what they anticipated.

Their quench for the products always decline.

However, Custom pet portraits are the easiest and the best items to make your dream come true. For example, consider companies such as ditto, the biscuit tin manufacture, and greetings card manufacturer’s institutions. The items processed and sold in those companies are quite affordable for any social class of people to purchase.

If you feel you’ve been jobless for decades and struggling to make money. This article is the best fit for you. For success doesn’t knock your door, you have to seek diligently for it. With that said, your photos or pet portraits are likely to be your center of income generation. Portraits are cheap and affordable to make.

Creating attractive and good looking portraits is one way of income generation. But, somebody is asking how and where will I sell my custom pet portraits after making them?

Below are the top 3 places to sell your pet portraits, make income from it, and network with people for a successful business.

  1. Facebook Groups

‘I found my very first pet portrait customers online, to be frank. That’s how I got started in the pet portrait business in the first place.’ This is a statement from one of the pet portrait artists who pop out through the clutter and secure a golden opportunity to sell his items online; primarily on the Facebook platform.

If you don’t have a big budget, and ready to sell your pet portrait, or you’re just getting started, try joining local Facebook groups with a target audience.

These Facebook groups can be targeting either dog owners or the lovers of portraits. After you’ve joined the groups, take your initiative to build a personal relationship with administrators of Facebook, so that you can be permitted to advertise your portraits.

  1. Websites

Websites are the common and renowned way of advertising your products.

For products such as pet portraits, are cheap and you can attach the product to a website for sale. You can achieve this by, looking for appropriate websites that deliver the same product, i.e pet portraits, and send them a request message for advertisement and partnership.

A lot will decline your offer; some will accept your message lest you pay them. But, keep grinding with your drawing, photograph to make yourself known for the market place.

  1. Pet stores; Dog parks; Vet Clinic

These are the awesome places where you can find lovers of pets. By marketing your pet portraits in these places provide a high probability of a sale.

Crafting well-mannered pet portraits will attract lots of people in pet stores who will be willing to spend on the drawing.

You can make money regardless of your pet portraits. Marketing and networking with people in these sites will not only act as a source of income generation but also, you can secure a long-term job as a professional artist in one of their companies.


How will you sell your custom pet portraits? Online auction sites, social media such as Facebook groups are the best places to sell your pet portraits and earn a lump-sum amount of money out of it.

Try these methods and you’ll see a great return on investment.