Tips on how to store your whiskey

After getting your bottles of whiskey from your whisky subscription, you may be ignorant on the right ways to store your whiskey. Whisky is a drink designed for slow consumption; this means that you’re not supposed to finish it at a go. This almost inevitably means that you will have more than one bottle in your bar, and if you are a serious collector forethought about how you store your spirits is very essential to you. How and where you keep your whiskies will impact their taste and longevity for opened bottles, while preserving your unopened bottles that you may be saving for a special occasion is equally important enough to keep its taste and keep in great shape. Just as with other spirits, the conditions whisky is exposed to will influence its taste, aromas and distinguishing characteristics. While a cellar is the ideal place to keep your single malts, for those who do not have such a space in their home there are ways to easily store your whisky and keep it in a great condition, as good as new. In this article, we will give you some tips on how to store your whiskey.

Store your whisky in a dark place

The amount of light your whisky is exposed to will have a direct impact on its longevity and taste. In fact, this is the singular most influential factor on your whisky; too much sun will cause your spirit to lose its color, and reduce its natural flavor and aromas. The direct light can actually break down compounds in the whisky, causing it to go almost rancid in flavor after too long exposure to sunlight. Furthermore, if your whisky is a particular collection item, sunlight will also serve to fade the label and other distinguishing packaging it came with. You can safeguard against this by keeping your whisky stored away from windows, such as keeping it in an elegant cabinet or a dark corner of the room that allows for access without compromising your spirits. You’re free to construct a cabinet just for storing your whiskey away from the sunlight. You wouldn’t want whiskey subscription to go to waste.

Store your whisky at room temperature

The temperature your whisky is kept at will also influence its flavor and aroma. When whisky is too warm it can expand, which can cause the liquid of a sealed bottle to come in contact with the cork.  Do not store your whisky in the freezer; although it won’t be permanently harmed whisky that is too cold may dull the flavors. Inconsistent fluctuations in temperature will change the character of the whisky; it should be stored at room temperature between 15 and 18 degrees Celsius.

Store your whisky in a smaller bottle

Transferring the liquid to a smaller bottle will help preserve it for longer. As there will be less air in contact with the spirit, less oxidation will occur keeping the whiskey in perfect condition.