Tips for Building a Great Gift Basket

Tips for Building a Great Gift Basket

If you want to create a gift basket that is more than decent-looking, you need to do more than throwing two or more items in a container. For you to create a unique and great gift basket for your family and friends, knowing the basics is essential.

Here then, are the handy tips on making a perfect gift basket, just like how it is made by the professional gift basket curators online.

Make time to plan ahead.

If you have already chosen a theme for your basket, shop ahead of time and keep your eyes and ears open for products on sale. Wait for marked down items after a holiday or find the clearance items section in a department store. Visit retail shops that let you earn your cash back through rebates or use coupons whenever possible. Thinking ahead of time can save you a lot of money, and the headache in finding affordable items.

Think outside the box (or basket).

You don’t need to settle with a traditional wicker basket. There are other containers that you use in creating your gift bundle. Some great ideas for a food-themed basket are clear bowls, mason jars, and pots/skillets. You can use laundry or cleaning buckets for your housewarming gift or sending a college student gift, while toy carts and wagons are the perfect containers for children’s gifts. If you want your gift to be unique and elegant, try finding vintage crates or treasure box from the thrift store near you.

Take a look around the home decor section and be creative with your imagination. Just ensure to consider its sturdiness and the weight of the items that you will put into your container. 

Raise up your base.

The items in a gift basket look better when they are elevated rather than sitting low inside the container. To achieve this, you can either use bubble wraps, crumpled newspaper, or tissue paper as fillers or use your items’ empty boxes for deeper containers.

Choose gift items with different sizes and textures.

Make your gift basket interesting and lovely by selecting gifts that have a variety of colors, sizes, and textures. Having extra and smaller items will come handy if you need to fill gaps or empty spaces. Just take a look at how Canada GIFT basket delivery makes it a breeze to combine an assortment of products in different dimensions and colors.

Larger and taller items should be at the back. 

Make your gift basket more presentable by giving all of your gift items the chance to be seen. Do this by putting larger items at the back and working the smaller things in the front.

Make sure that your items are secured. 

Keep the flimsy gifts in place by using skewers, glue dots, or straws.

Add depth to empty gifts by putting something inside. 

If your gifts include mugs, glass jars, or drink containers, put fillers inside like wood shavings or shredded ombre tissue papers. 

To wrap or not to wrap?

Not all baskets full of gifts need to be wrapped, but if you decide to dress your gift basket up, use clear cellophane or colorful tulle and finish it off with a pretty or fancy bow.

Equipped with this know-how, you are now ready to create adorable and perfect-looking gift baskets. Start getting artistic and make a lovely gift basket for any upcoming celebration or occasion.