Jenell Diegor

For many in the world, the lockdown caused by COVID-19 created an aura of uncertainty. Full time works suddenly found themselves with an extra 40+ hours a week of free time as the majority of businesses temporarily closed. Among them was Jenell Diegor, a writer and
filmmaker in Toronto, Canada who works at a local club.

Diegor welcomed the break. “I told myself that this is a great opportunity to create some art, perhaps write a few stories and direct some short films from my house,” she said. “So basically everyday I tried to write down ideas and try to work on them one by one.”

This resulted in Diegor creating two printed works: Quarantine Poetry, a humorous collection of short poems about the lockdown, and The Wrong House and Other Stories, a collection of 13 short stories.

“To be honest, Quarantine Poetry was so much fun to write ‘cause it was so easy for me to
make fun of my uncertainty and circumstance. The Wrong House book I describe it as a
mystery/thriller anthology,” said the author.

Both of these books, along with Jenell Diegor’s other work can be purchased on her website,

Jenell Diegor is Filipino-Canadian who grew up in Newfoundland and loves to travel to ancient sites around the world. She is the author of numerous travel guides, short fiction, screenplays and two novels. She is an award-winning filmmaker who has produced several short films as well as the web series Change Room Chronicles. She continues to work on various art, film, and writing projects in the big city of Toronto. You can catch her on Instagram @_.jenell.