Thrash Metal Drummer Awakens from Coronavirus Coma, Doesn’t Think Satan Is That Cool Anymore

As the coronavirus pandemic proceeds, scientists are finding new side effects and symptoms of the malady. A few people who have recouped from COVID-19 are as yet detailing waiting chest torment and brevity of breath, and now and again individuals are revealing a rash disgustingly alluded to as “COVID toes.” And in any event one case, the novel coronavirus has caused dreams of a Dante-like excursion to Hell.

As indicated by the San Francisco Chronicle’s Datebook, the whip metal band Death Angel was in Europe for a visit toward the beginning of March when the episode went worldwide. They dropped the visit and made a beeline for the U.S., however on the trip back drummer Will Carroll began demonstrating side effects. In the wake of testing positive, he went through 12 days in a restoratively incited unconsciousness. At the point when he at long last woke up on March 30, the staff at California Pacific Medical Center praised. “(The clinical staff) could barely handle it,” he told the Chronicle. “They were delighted in light of the fact that it was an example of overcoming adversity.”


Carroll had more motivation to celebrate, not on the grounds that he was coming back to great wellbeing, but since those 12 days were brimming with some entirely upsetting dreams. Per the Chronicle: While in the unconsciousness, Carroll said he fantasized visiting the great beyond. He saw himself leave his body and fall down to heck, where Satan—a lady for his situation—rebuffed him for the savage sin of sloth, transforming him into a Jabba the Hutt-like-beast who heaved blood until he had a coronary failure. I woke up on the medical clinic bed with tubes coming all through me, and there was an attendant in that spot and my first words were, ‘Am I still in damnation?’ Carroll said. “She overlooked me.”


It takes an expert medical attendant to accept a patient meandering aimlessly about damnation. For Carroll’s situation however, the experience makes them reconsider a few things. I’m despite everything going to tune in to evil metal, I despite everything love Deicide and groups that way, he told the Chronicle. To the extent for my own life and my experience of what I experienced, I don’t believe Satan’s very as cool as I used to.


There, the fallen angel — a lady for this situation — rebuffed him for the dangerous sin of sloth and transformed him into a “Jabba the Hutt-like-beast” who spewed blood until he had a cardiovascular failure, the outlet revealed a week ago. At the point when he opened his eyes on March 30, there were “tubes coming all through me, and there was an attendant in that spot,” Carroll reviewed.

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