Dropping odds explained

Dropping odds explained

It’s only natural for new bettors to be confused when they come across dropping odds. It may seem a bit strange at first but ultimately it is a rather common event in any sports match.


How to interpret dropping odds

Commonly the term dropping odds means that the bookmaker is adjusting his prices due to a specific outcome getting a lot of action or a last minute change like the absence of a star player. Usually this is nothing to worry about but if you notice a significant change in the odds then something could be happening, it’s up to you to learn what that is and of course use it in your favour.


How to use dropping odds

It is not hard to use dropping and rising odds both in pre-game markets and in In-Play action to your favour with only a little bit of time investment to get used to and understand when and why these changes happen.


Pre-game odds movements

If you want to be truly efficient before you start using the dropping odds, you need to be knowledgeable of both the teams and the league you are planning to bet on. The odds can drop or rise on many occasions depending on different variables such as a star player being injured, a change in the team’s formation or even the weather so you should invest some time to regularly check and update yourself on the latest news in order to predict if the odds will drop and plan your bets accordingly.


Paying attention to such things will make you a more competitive player and will surely help you understand and anticipate those changes before they even happen and of course this means it will be easier for you to make profit by exploiting them when you get the chance to do so.


In-Play dropping odds

In live betting things are different because you have to act quick, pay attention to the game and make on the spot decisions, needless to say that the more prepared you are the higher your chances to make profit will be. Big changes on the odds should be a warning sign that something is happening and it’s your chance to engage and profit from it but remember as easy as it is to profit from changing odds it can be quite easy to make a mistake and lose even more so pay attention to every single detail you can before placing your bets.


Dropping odds strategy in betting

There is no simple strategy that can help you make money from dropping odds on different sports because each sport has different variables, the best thing you can do is focus on one sport at a time and try to understand how the odds work on that specific sport, this way when the time comes it will be easier for you to predict and exploit it.


Football dropping odds strategy

When it comes to football it can be a bit easier to exploit dropping and rising odds more efficiently, the only thing it requires is plenty of patience and the appropriate knowledge on why the odds are changing, make sure you do your homework and study not only the teams and leagues but also every rule of the sport, follow this mentality and get more experience while waiting for the right opportunity to place your bet.


Do dropping odds win?

In the end dropping odds only indicate that something is happening it can’t guarantee the final outcome so take this information with a grain of salt as it may be the key to success in some cases but in others it can be just a bait for inexperienced and hasty players.