This is the surprise that would await the possible new command of the PS5

The new DualShock 5 that opens with the PS5 at the end of next year, will bring a series of inherent novelties that will please players pro of the new Sony console.

The arrival of the next generation of consoles has accelerated, and we already have details of the new Xbox and also the next PlayStation, both systems that will be available by the end of 2024, ready to be the protagonists of the next Christmas campaign.

Although the command of the current PlayStation 4 is one of the most efficient in the market, it is likely to bring a series of very interesting news especially if you are a pro player. The DualShock 4 works well in most market titles, but perhaps it falls somewhat short for competitors like Fortnite.

Perhaps to favor competitive play, Sony would be thinking of including a series of additional rear buttons to the DualShock 5. This addition could be the extension of the new DualShock 4 Back Button accessory that offers users additional programmable buttons without the need to purchase third-party accessories.

It is a patent application discovered by the LetsGoDigital site, a new idea has been discovered about a remote that could be the one that is standard with the PS5. On the front of the remote, we can see that it is very similar to the current one, although without the central button, but the main novelty can be seen on the back of this remote.

As can be seen in the image provided, four new buttons would have been added on the back. Two of them are located in the rear central part of the control body, while two others would be located in the lower part of the rear, less accessible by the user.

In general, when we hold a DualShock we observe that we have several free fingers on the back of the remote, but with this patent, it would be suggested that those players who wanted it could assign new functions to these four buttons. That would be ideal for competitive titles since it could make it easier for users to have four more shortcuts for more buttons on the remote and that is usually assigned to external accessories such as a mouse or keyboard.

We will see if Sony dares to include four new buttons to its new command for the PS5 since it would be a risky inclusion. If included, we will see if they would be part of the command that comes standard with the console or if it would be a special model that would be purchased separately.

In any case, it is simply a patent, and we will see what the thing is, but the final command of the PS5 will not be known until E3 2024.