Facebook Releases Pokemon version of “Animal Tower Battle”

On December 23 (local time), U.S. Facebook unveiled a competitive puzzle game ” Pokemon Tower Battle ” that can be played on SNS “Facebook”. You can play for free by accessing from a web browser or app (iOS, Android). It is based on the game “Animal Tower Battle” (iOS, Android) released by Japanese app developer Yuta Yabuzaki in 2017, and features many Pokemon characters.

A so-called “falling thing” puzzle game in which the Pokemon falling from above is stacked in a well-balanced manner while changing its direction of fall. Play face-to-face with online-matched Facebook users and build on each other. If you drop the Pokemon first, you lose.

Same rules as the original Animal Battle, but also includes new elements such as the ability to change the type of Pokemon that has fallen.

Pokemon President Tsunekazu Ishihara told Facebook’s developer blog, “People around the world will be able to experience Pokemon digitally. I’m happy to work with Facebook. ”

Animal Tower Battle is a simple puzzle game with simple and clear rules and live-action animal characters, but many voices evaluate strategies and the depth of reading between players, and the App Store in December 2017 It is gaining popularity such as being ranked first in the free app ranking.