The Value Of Using Protective Headgear

What was one reason you entered the world of boxing?

Was it the health benefits, adopting it as a profession or the quest for glory that took you to this path?

Boxing has forever been a game of passion, of infallible valor to knock out an opponent who may be just as good in the ring. Amongst the most popular of combat sports, boxing is a real display of physical strength, endurance and sharpness of the brain. Only the strongest of minds trained well in adequate response can stand a fierce fight in the ring with the right strategy and response.

Go a bit deeper down the memory lane. Did boxing ever scare you at the beginning? Were you ever secretly frightened seeing boxers put on a gory show?

We aren’t surprised. Boxing is exciting, but it is not a sport for the weak hearted, it is a lot of sweat, pain and blood too.

The truth be told

There are only a few other things better than a boxing workout to reach your fitness goals with speed. But there is also no doubt the chances of an injury are just as many especially if boxing is not only your workout routine but you are an aspiring professional fighter.

In its infancy, the most basic of boxing equipment, the boxing gloves, were sheer shards of basic cloth. These evolved to the modern boxing gloves as a result of the rules that were introduced eventually to make the sport more enjoyable and less lethal. Hence the inception of associations whose rules govern the sport and how it takes place in various countries.

Nonetheless, the fact remains that however careful the fighter may be, a boxer is exposed to the risk of a lot of injuries; head injuries being amongst the top of the list. In fact, it was because of concerns regarding concussions that the boxing head guard was made mandatory at least for the amateur boxers during the 1980s.

Do I really need the boxing head gear?

The answer to this seemingly simple question is in understanding what all the head guard can protect against.

Consider the design of the head guard which covers not only the head but also the face. The rationale is the possibility of heavy blows causing damage to the face or the cranium. Even if the punch does not directly land on to the skull, a hard hit on the jaw could possibly lead to a concussion. Worst form of damage could include a fracture or even brain damage.

That said, there is only little one can do to save oneself from any form of injury absolutely in contact sports like boxing.

However, the protective head guard is a mandatory gear for amateur boxers, professionals do not even wear these during a fight. The obvious reason is the amount of practice and skill professionals have in fighting in adherence to the rules; the amateurs may not have that much of control. It is also said that a bout is most entertaining when the blows are lethal and the fight is fierce and gory which is why the audience centric pro boxers choose to not wear the head guard.

Here’s something surprising, almost shocking for you. It is often considered that the boxing head guard makes one more prone to head injuries. A possible reason could be the assumption that the head gear might not protect fully against a very heavy blow. But, then why risk it especially if you’re not there yet with being a pro.

How to pick the right boxing headgear?

Well, when they say the head guard may not protect against injuries, they may be right; only if you have not made your selection correctly. To buy boxing headgear for yourself, you might want to check out the collection with Infinitude Fight. This one’s amongst those that represent quality, reliability and value.

A few more things to remember

  • Pick your fit; a size too loose is likely to spin around your head and the one too tight would make you uncomfortable for the game
  • Be wary of the size of the chin strap, you want to get just the right size for your chin
  • Make sure the design of the head-guard does not hamper visibility of the opponent for you
  • Padding inside the head gear is critical, you don’t want to let the negative assumption come true. Resilience to the impact of the blow is dependent greatly on the padding thickness
  • Quality first, price second. Which is why opting for a reliable brand is a must.

So, are you ready to train to become the next boxing sensation? Let us know how far you are in it.