The Trend in Buying Weed Online

Glass jar full of Cannabis Sativa for sale at a market stall.

Internet is a staple in people’s lives, and most of them are used to buying groceries and books online. However, buy weed online has gained immense popularity recently. Very few people knew about it a few years ago, and many people viewed it as illegal. However, the cannabis scene that happened in various parts of the world lead to significant changes. You can use the recent trends to see what the future of this industry holds.

What the Studies Say

In a study on ‘Online Sales of Marijuana,’ researchers provided their views after conducting a study on the current searches and internet trends. The study analyzed Google searches from 2005 to 2017. The results showed that weed and marijuana searches were along with order, store, and buy increased significantly.

The study involved searches of 12 years, and results showed an increase in buying weed online trend. In June 2017, being the last month of the study, the searches increased drastically. Besides, there were no limitations on states legalized to sell and buy recreational or medical marijuana.


There are legal restrictions and slow legalization of medical weed in Canada and the US, but people are still searching and buying marijuana online. The restrictions are due to authorities’ demands that you should visit marijuana stores, provide your doctor’s prescription and finish the verification process to get the weed.

However, the method does not prove practical for those who cannot move out of their homes due to medical conditions such as anxiety and hypertension. Because of that, people prefer to buy weed online since it saves their time, effort and keeps their medical condition private, eliminating the risk of being seen by people as you walk into a marijuana shop.

 Fraudsters and Law Enforcement Regarding Mail Order Delivery

Buying weed online has several reasons that make it a safer and easier method. But you must be careful and ensure you are not caught on the wrong side of the law. Always remember it is illegal and risky to buy weed from Craiglist, Facebook and Instagram. Multiple scammers lure online weed buyers with deals and discounts that are hard to believe. They can even send images of luscious buds on your mobile phone, and once you make a payment, you will never hear them again.

Ensure you buy from a reputable and certified vendor who has been in operation for a long time to avoid such fraudsters. Also, be careful of the law of enforcement. It is crucial to ensure it is legal to order weed online in your state before making an order. Even if it is legal in the region online dispensary operates but you cannot order if you live where recreational and medical marijuana are not allowed. The action may lead to a federal offense.

Online dispensaries are there for patients who need medical marijuana to improve their lives and lead a better life. However, it takes time before marijuana gets accepted and legalized to be used as a medical treatment. Therefore, you need to be careful as you buy weed online to keep your interests safe and ensure you abide by state law. You need to buy weed online with care to safeguard your interest and at the same time ensure that you abide by the state laws.