The marijuana note

Marijuana controversies

Currently there is a legal and moral dispute over the consumption of marijuana, we see then how in some countries the consumption of this substance is still being debated due to its recreational use. The issue of the medicinal use of marijuana has become controversial for many countries, since cannabis is the most consumed substance, illegally in the world, which is why it is considered a risk factor for initiating the use of other types of drugs. drugs, which becomes an epidemiological problem worldwide, cannabis sativa contains 480 cannabinoid compounds, of which 66 cause different effects, THC is the main psychoactive compound which generates relaxation, cannabidiol that mostly accumulates although this it is not psychoactive. The functions of the endogenous cannabinoid system can be said to be focused, in different physiological processes where mainly the brain, the immune system, the respiratory and cardiovascular systems are found, a great controversy has been created worldwide since the FDA has approved some cannabinoids such as Nabilone and Dronabinol, there are few studies that are methodologically structured and controlled, which is why there is still the need for well-designed studies that help define the true therapeutic use of marijuana. However, it should be mentioned that despite the controversy, it has been seen that the expansion of the purchase and sale of this product has been possible, so it has been possible to observe buy weed online web pages.

How to use marijuana

Marijuana is an ancient plant and there are many data that exist about this plant, the consumption of cannabis can be in the form of a cigarette, also known as joint, or joint, they are the most common methods, known by the people who consume this plant . Nowadays it is easy to find different ways to consume it, inhaling the smoke as a result of combustion that comes from pipes, hookahs, bongs, are some examples of this form of consumption, although there are small differences between them such as the amount of smoke aspirated or prolonged aspiration and the toxins produced. It should be borne in mind that when marijuana is inhaled, much of the amount of THC is consumed by the combustion itself, so when puffing 40% of the total THC is consumed, however smoking marijuana is the quick way to feel its effects, smells and tastes. There are also other forms of presentation, such as oral consumption combined with some liquor, via sublingual, the latter is used in the therapeutic field, it can also be through the use of vaporizers. All these forms of presentation are available on buy Canada online marijuana pages, as in other countries.


Marijuana as a medicine

The therapeutic use of cannabis often occurs in the absence of the criteria that give cannabis medicinal quality. It is called medical grade cannabis that has quality control, whose production is standardized and meets international standards for herbal medicines. The medicinal use of cannabis refers above all to the purpose we give it and not to its quality. The potentially beneficial uses can be seen in many diseases, because almost all organs and systems have sites for it to exert its effect through the action of the active principles of the plant. Knowing some beneficial effects of cannabis on health, its anti-inflammatory, analgesic, protective and repairing effect of nervous tissue, anticonvulsant, muscle relaxant, anti-tumor, sleep inducer, among others.