The Know-It-All Of The Digital Marketplace In 2023

The digital marketplace is never constant.

It is finding new ways to get into the mind of the people.

You never know when a small practice can lead to conversions and increased revenues.

Not only you have to know about all such practices but also implement them in your digital marketing strategy to keep your brand image intact.

In 2023, some ongoing trends will continue to meet customer expectations, along with some new outlooks that might rule the digital space in the near future.

In this article, we will discuss every little aspect of online marketing that can make a difference to your business for all the good reasons.

And now, without further ado, let’s explore the market.

Shoppable Posts

Turn your Instagram followers into customers today!

Yes, that’s true.

Instagram has opened a vast opportunity to market products with the shoppable posts feature. It rolled out its in-app checkout feature in March 2019. A user can make a purchase from ‘Feed’ or ‘Story’ content directly without leaving the app with the new checkout system.

Interesting and quick. Isn’t it?

Businesses can tag up to five products per image or twenty products per carousel. A tag has the product details with the price mentioned. This helps the brand to showcase its products creatively, while the shoppers also enjoy the seamless path to purchase.

So, get ready to start selling on Instagram.

Direct Messaging

One of the hottest digital marketing trends gaining popularity is direct messaging (DM). Brands are using Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, and Viber to connect with the users directly. Private messaging on Instagram and Twitter is also used as a tool to associate deeply with the customers. You can assist the customer with the orders, address complaints, or just have small talks. All of these give the customers a feeling of involvement with the brand.

You can also get the customers DMing you first. That will be great!

But how?

Provide your audience with your social media handles or delight them with some exclusive coupon codes and offers. You never know, they can just drop a message asking the know-hows.

And, there you win half the battle!

Story Ads

People love stories!

So, there is a rising number of users putting stories on their Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram.

And, this has not gone unnoticed.

Facebook has taken this tide into its own stride.

With a whopping 300 million people using Facebook Stories and Messenger Stories every day, the company has made Facebook Story Ads available to marketers worldwide.

This step has been taken by Facebook a year after the launch of Instagram Stories Ads, which had successfully delivered business outcomes.

Why Are Story Ads So Popular?

  • Stories increase the interest of customers by hooking them with a captivating video.
  • Facebook reveals that about 58% of the audience has browsed the brand’s website after seeing a product/service in a story. Thus, it is evident that stories prompt users to take action.
  • Stories are easy to understand, convincing, and helpful. Stories can introduce new products and also offer tips and advice.

So, now it’s time your brand plans a story strategy to drive sales and make the most of this creative feature.

Interactive Emails

Do you think email marketing is out of the game?

Well, email marketing is not ‘dying’.

Instead, digital marketers are rekindling it with interactive content.

It is 2023 and users are bored with passive content. So the marketers are making their way through interactive emails. E-mails now look like glossy web pages with clickable buttons and other stunning visuals. The visuals include – the use of GIFs, embedding short videos to emails, and stylized buttons.

A new concept called Dynamic emailing is also on the rise lately. Subscriber data such as gender, age, occupation, geographical location, etc. are used to set up triggers.



Influencer marketing has been in the market for a few years now. The influencers are no less than celebrities. In the case of influencer marketing, businesses partner with top content creators with a huge number of followers. The business leverages the trust factor attached to the influencer’s audience to market their products/services.

On the other hand, micro-influencers have a follower count of less than 100,000. These people are considered experts in their respective industries. Partnering with a micro-influencer is adding value to your business.

In a recent survey, 82% of the participants responded that they highly look forward to the recommendations of a micro-influencer.

Why Choose a Micro-influencer?

  • Micro-influencers have a more targeted and engaged audience.
  • They are affordable. Maybe 100 micro-influencers charge less than a celebrity. So you may actually work with more than one micro-influencer to extend your reach.
  • People find micro-influencers to be more trustworthy and relatable. With their humble attitude and individual interactions, they connect with the audience in a better way. This eventually leads to high conversion rates.

Optimizing Featured Snippets


The featured snippet is the ‘position zero’ content in the result page. It provides all the information to a user query. Google pulls the content from the pages that are already ranking, or it may choose a lower-ranking one if it has the apt information.

Thus, to rank as a featured snippet, it is essential to produce quality content with a proper structure that Google will like.

According to Ahrefs’ data, 99.58% of the featured snippets are the pages that are already ranking in the top 10 of Google SERP. So, to get into the race, your business website must be optimized to the fullest.

To rank your website in the search engines, you need to be proper with the SEO techniques. You can hire a top SEO company in Sydney to help you out with your website. Such companies not only focus on rankings but also the revenue generation. If you are in Melbourne, you can also partner with the best SEO service providers in Melbourne.

Closing Thoughts

Digital marketing is getting more personalized with the sole reason of engaging the audience. It is getting more inclined towards establishing consumer-brand relationships. So, if you want to connect with your audience, you have to get an effective digital marketing plan chalked out for your business. You can associate with any of the top digital marketing companies to get your brand the much-needed boost to thrive in this competitive market.