Netflix’s Rich In Love (2020): Positive or Negative Reviews?


Want some Brazillian spice and love? “Rich In Love“, a Portuguese language film is now streaming only on Netflix.

Netflix never fails to entertain us and mesmerize us. This time, the giant web-streamer has brought a Portuguese language comedy-romance film entitled “Rich In Love“.

“Rich In Love” released on April 30, 2024. So, its been a day, and if still, you haven’t watched it then go grab your phone or laptop, log in to your Netflix account and watch it.

Rich in Love is a Brazilian Film. Speaking of which, it is in the Portuguese language. So, if you’re not native to Brazil then you have to keep up with the subtitles.

Rich In Love- Story Review

The film, Rich In Love is about a rich guy deprived of love. Sounds familiar? Well, it might be a lot different than the rest of the films you have had watched with the same theme.

Believe me, you’ll gonna love Teto and Paula‘s chemistry. The way a rich guy, Teto comes to meet some random yet fascinating girl, Paula, and then fall for her is adorable.

Teto who doesn’t want to handle his family business happens to fall in love with Paula from whom he hides his identity that he in actual is the richest guy, and this is where the story begins.

Teto has to keep up with his lie that he is the son of the caretaker at the farm and win Paula’s heart being an ordinary guy.

“General Rule of Romance”

#Netflixfilm has posted on Instagram to announce the worldwide streaming of Rich In Love. The post comes up with the caption stating “General rule of romance: The hotter and richer they are, the more they will lie about it, and the more you will fall in love with them.”

So, you’re gonna fall in love with the hotter, the richer, and the lier!

There must be some twists that will turn the plot of the whole film. So, you have to watch it yourself.

The film is full of romance, and love rolled with comedy. So, if you want to have some quality time then you must watch Rich In Love.

I hope that as the title depicts, Teto would be Rich In Love rather than in the money.