The Influence of Time on Western TV series

Most classic Westerns transpired between the conclusion of the Civil War, in 1865, and the beginning of the 20th Century, in 1900, which is a 35-year run. Essentially producers have been creating ซีรีย์ฝรั่ง about twice as long as the era lasted. This clearly demonstrates the interest people find from that exceptional time in history.


One of the concealed and important truths about Western TV is though usually unintended, each show constantly depicts two time periods even though it is typically unintended. The series illustrates the time the story occurs in history books and the time the series is actually filmed. The easiest indicator that tells when a Western was created, besides knowing who the actors are and their respective ages, is the women’s hair. It does not matter how historically precise a show may be in other regards, at the actresses’ demand, their hair is constantly styled in a contemporary fashion. However, other external forces determined what was allowed into a show, and these variations became clearly visible in the storylines of several long-running series.


Family Influence


One external influence was the attitude towards the family. The first few westerns released in 1959, lacked a family presence leaving viewers with nothing to resonate with. Upon noticing this many westerns started to incorporate a family dynamic into the shoes ultimately gaining popularity as viewers could relate to the characters of the show.


Historical Worldly Influences


A few years later in 1967, the world struggling and coping with some difficult circumstances. The Vietnam War was tearing the country apart in addition to the Generation divide maturing into a ravine, and teenager apprehension were a few of the issues happening during this decade. Westerns from this era usually showcased a dysfunctional family dealing with pressing issues which subsequently fortified the strength of the family when worked out all of their issues and worked synonymously to accomplish similar goals by the end of the season.


Modern World Influence


The modern world had different methods of interfering with historical shows. Some shows held a reputation for manipulating the historical timeline, with the plots of some shows happening after the revolution and skipping almost a century to the Civil War. However, this versatility could not explain the inconsistencies in the timeline as characters would be walking away and the distinct vapor trail from jets would become apparent.


Furthermore, some characters would be clothes that were different from the clothes worn in that era. Case in point, characters rocking jeans with side zippers which made their debut in the 20th century, rather than jeans with a button front. Additionally, shows depicting the pre-civil war in the 1850s would have characters firing pistols without cocking the hammer back indicating the weapon was a double-action gun that hadn’t even been invented yet.

Violent Influences


Conceivably the most harmful external influence on Western TV happened in the late 1960s, at a time where many of society’s shortcomings were being attributed to the violence seen on TV shows. Worrying about government ordinances, networks shifted to a pro-active approach, inflicting impossible standards of non-action on action-oriented TV series.