The dangers of continuing to use Windows 7 in 2024

Many notices have been sent, but there are still people who resist saying goodbye to Windows 7. That end is getting closer and if we don’t adapt to change we can suffer serious consequences.

On January 14 of the newly released 2024, Windows 7 will no longer be supported and will be the beginning of the end for this version of the Microsoft operating system. Computers that are not running yet will continue to work as usual, but it will be a mirage because later it will be a weaker device and vulnerable to computer attacks.

Hackers are counting the days to be able to more easily attack all those computers that continue to use Windows 7. The end of support means there will be no more system security updates. Currently, security updates are vital to maintaining the security of systems and machines against possible security breaches and not having them in Windows 7 can be a risk for its users.
There are many other reasons why leaping Windows 10 is the best option, not only security is better, but it offers a series of improvements and innovations that have increased the user experience. However, Microsoft says that, worldwide, 27.49% of Windows-based computers still use the seventh version.

Getting a Windows license can vary greatly in price but the price is worth keeping the computer up to date. We can also switch to Linux if the tenth version of Windows still does not convince us.
Another option is to change computers and buy a new one. This is Microsoft’s recommendation: ” Today’s PCs are faster, lighter, but more powerful and safer, with an average price significantly lower than that of the average PC eight years ago .”
Whichever option is taken, we will have to say goodbye to Windows 7 and welcome the new operating systems with which we can more reliably and currently protect our devices.